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Home Care Tips for Healthy Skin

Home Care

The skin that your loved one is unable to reach – such as her feet or back – can get the care it needs with the help of a home care provider who can reach those areas easily.

Why Did Your Senior Fall?

Elderly Care in Spartanburg SC: Why Did Your Senior Fall?

Once your senior experiences one fall, she’s more likely to experience another. But that first one is definitely bad enough, so it’s crucial to go on the offensive in terms of fall prevention. Preventing another fall means going through all of the reasons that might have been a factor in this first fall. Physical Obstacles […]

What to Put in an Emergency Communication Kit in Case of Power Outages

Home Care in Columbia SC: Creating an Emergency Communication Kit

When power outages strike one of the worst problems can be that your senior has no way to communicate with you or with the outside world in general. Having an emergency communication kit ready to go means that your aging family member still has a way to reach out. Here are a few items to […]

Is it Possible to Help Your Aging Adult Avoid a Broken Hip?

Senior Care in Laurens SC: Helping Your Aging Adult Avoid a Broken Hip

One of the most difficult situations your elderly family member might face in her later years is the possibility of a broken hip. Breaking a hip can create a host of other medical problems for her and can complicate her life more than either of you want. Here are a few things you can do […]

What Can You Do if Your Senior Absolutely Refuses to Stop Driving?

Home Care in Mauldin SC: When a Senior Refuses to Stop Driving

Some aging adults are very resistant to the idea of no longer driving. There are lots of reasons for this, but at some point you may have no choice but to resort to some big solutions to keep her from driving. Alert Friends and Family. The more people who know that your senior isn’t supposed […]

How Can You Help a Senior Who Has a Hoarding Tendency?

Elderly Care in Seneca SC: Helping a Senior Who Has a Hoarding Tendency

If your elderly family member has started to create a hoard in her home, that can quickly snowball into a bigger situation. It’s important to address hoarding as quickly as possible after you recognize what’s going on. Talk with Her Doctor. The very first step in helping your senior recover from hoarding is to talk […]

Four Tips for Using a Cane Easily

Elderly Care in Laurens SC: Four Tips for Using a Cane

Some aging adults are not interested at all in using a cane. The big downside to that, unfortunately, is often that this can seriously limit your aging adult’s ability to be as mobile as he wants to be. Some of these ideas might make using a cane more appealing. Practice, Practice, Practice. One of the […]

Four Ways to Protect Your Mom From Too Much Sun

Senior Care in Simpsonville SC: Sun Safety

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (ADA), skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. About 20 percent of all Americans will develop this form of cancer. While men over 50 have the highest risk of melanoma, the ADA says that women have seen the largest increase in skin cancer. […]

Should Your Senior Still Be Driving?

Elder Care in Anderson SC: Should Your Senior Still Be Driving?

Driving can be a dangerous thing for your elderly family member to be doing. In fact, for some aging adults, it might be time to give up driving. Talk with Her Doctor about Health Issues. Depending on your senior’s health conditions, driving may or may not be more dangerous for her. If you’re seeing situations […]

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