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Four Tips for Using a Cane Easily

Elderly Care in Laurens SC: Four Tips for Using a Cane

Some aging adults are not interested at all in using a cane. The big downside to that, unfortunately, is often that this can seriously limit your aging adult’s ability to be as mobile as he wants to be. Some of these ideas might make using a cane more appealing.

Elderly Care in Laurens SC: Four Tips for Using a Cane
Elderly Care in Laurens SC: Four Tips for Using a Cane

Practice, Practice, Practice.

One of the biggest reasons that your aging family member might not want to use a cane is because it feels awkward. That’s completely understandable, but unless he actually starts using the cane, it will continue to feel awkward. The best thing that your senior can do is to practice using his cane so that it becomes more comfortable. Elderly care providers can help your aging family member to practice around the house, offering an arm for safety while he learns.

Use a Wrist Loop.

Another big problem can crop up if your elderly family member drops their cane for one reason or another. Whether it’s because his grip strength isn’t so strong or because he simply loses hold of it, bending down to retrieve the cane can be dangerous. Affix a wrist loop to the top of the cane that can help keep it attached to your senior’s wrist. Then, if he does lose hold of the cane, it’s still within easy reach.

Consider a Collapsible Cane.

Canes are a sturdy way for your elderly family member to support themselves and to keep balance, but if he needs to tuck it away, that becomes more complicated. Collapsible canes offer all the sturdy support of their solid counterparts, but they’re easy to take in a vehicle and into crowded situations.

Check the Tip Often for Wear.

Many people don’t realize that the main parts of a cane are replaceable. The spot that will get the most wear is the part of the cane that contacts the ground most often and that’s the tip. You can get a replaceable rubber tip to cover the end of the cane and give your senior greater stability again. Remember also that you can usually change the grip if that isn’t working well for your elderly family member.

If your elderly family member still isn’t interested in using a cane, talk to their doctor about other possible options. There may be another assistive device that would work better for them. Keep trying because the more tools your elderly family member has to avoid falling, the better.

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