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Navigating the Emotional Aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's Care in Greer SC

Caring for a family member who has a cognitive illness like Alzheimer’s disease is a challenging journey to undertake. There are moments that are wonderful and moments that are full of grief and loss. Learning how to navigate these various emotions and still care for the Alzheimer’s patient is yet another complicated set of tasks. […]

Tips and Tricks for Helping Seniors Handle Their Allergies

Senior Home Care in Anderson SC

Whether seniors struggle with seasonal or year-round allergies, the side effects can be frustrating and continuous. Luckily, there are a number of things that seniors can do to counter the effects of allergies. In addition, loved ones and senior home care can offer support, ensuring seniors’ quality of life doesn’t suffer. Allergy Basics It’s important […]

Encouraging Seniors to Embrace Vegetables

Elder Care in Laurens SC

Adding more vegetables to their diet is one of the most powerful ways for seniors to increase their chances of longevity and vitality. Unfortunately, many seniors have gone through life not focusing on vegetables and may not understand the benefits they offer. In addition, some might not know how to cook vegetables or even know […]

Six Ideas to Help Seniors Keep Their Brains Engaged

Companion Care at Home in Anderson SC

One of the challenges seniors face as they grow older is to maintain brain health. Doing so means finding the right combination of activities and practices to support overall well-being and maintain quality of life. Some of these ideas can help seniors to keep their brains healthy, especially when they also spend time with companion […]

Home Care Supports Seniors Dealing with Glaucoma

Home Care in Laurens SC

As we age, our bodies endure a variety of changes, some of which may impair our vision. Glaucoma, a collection of eye disorders that damage the optic nerve, is a prevalent condition among seniors. Managing glaucoma requires making positive changes to a senior’s daily life. For seniors dealing with this condition, home care can be […]

5 Things Seniors Need To Live Independently

Senior Home Care in Columbia SC

Aging in place is here to stay. Most seniors say that they want to continue living independently in their own homes as they get older. Even seniors who have medical conditions or problems with mobility overwhelmingly prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible. And thanks to services like senior home care, seniors […]

Beyond Dairy: Nourishing Senior Bones

Home Care Assistance in Mauldin SC

The maintenance of strong and healthy bones becomes increasingly important for our overall well-being as we get older. It is well known that dairy products are related to bone health due to the calcium content of these items. However, there are a great many additional foods that can also help maintain bone health in seniors. […]

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