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What Activities Does Companion Care at Home Do with Seniors?

Companion Care at Home in Mauldin SC

Companion caregivers can be crucial when it comes to helping seniors experience the highest possible quality of life. They can remind seniors to engage in activities they love and they’re there to spend time with seniors in conversation and just gentle companionship. Companion care at home keeps seniors’ brains stimulated, helping them to have a sense of purpose and promoting overall well-being. Here’s how they do it.

Play Games

Board games, card games, chess, checkers, word games, and more offer both a social component and opportunities to practice skills like strategic thinking. Companion caregivers can engage in these games and puzzles with seniors, helping them to spend time in a fun way that is also mentally stimulating.

Read Together

Whether seniors enjoy reading in the company of someone else or like reading aloud and being read to, companion caregivers can be a great partner in this type of activity. Books, magazines, and newspapers help keep seniors updated on current events, offer enjoyment, and keep the brain active. Seniors might also enjoy starting their own small book club with companion caregivers, choosing books to read together and talk about later.

Talk about Current Events

Engaging conversations about current or historical events can also be something companion caregivers engage in with seniors. These types of conversations encourage social connections, but also involve critical thinking and allows seniors to share their opinions and feelings. Talking about historical events is fantastic for reminiscing and sharing memories. Sharing new perspectives and getting other peoples’ takes on current events can be an enjoyable activity for seniors.

Pursue Hobbies

Companion care at home can help seniors engage in all sorts of different types of hobbies. Gardening, crafting, DIY projects, and more can be a lot easier for seniors with someone else there. Some hobbies, like knitting, are a lot more fun to do with someone there to talk to. Any time seniors engage in creative activities, their brains are getting a workout, too. If seniors never had time for hobbies in the past, home care providers can help them explore ideas they might want to try and enjoy.

Improve Social Connections

The main benefit of companion care at home is of course their ability to improve social connections for aging adults who are alone more often than not. Caregivers are there talking with seniors and spending time with them, but they can also offer help in other ways. For seniors who don’t drive any longer, companion caregivers can help with transportation. This can make it easier for seniors to get to other activities and events that allow them to interact with other people on a regular basis.

Companion care at home plays a meaningful role in helping seniors enjoy their lives as they age in place. Companion caregivers are not there for the hands-on help that seniors might not need just yet, but instead for social activities. As seniors get used to having companion caregivers around, they may find that they experience a ton of different benefits from forging those connections.

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