Providing Trusted Home Care in Greenville SC & surrounding areas

In-Home Nursing Care

Heart of the Carolinas Home Care (HOTC) provides comprehensive in-home skilled nursing care tailored for both children and adults with special needs and complex medical conditions. Our team of skilled RNs and LPNs deliver compassionate and professional care directly to your home.

Specialized Nursing Services for All Ages

Our services cater to a broad range of needs, ensuring both adults and pediatric clients receive the care they require:

Adults, Seniors, and Pediatrics Care: Tailored nursing services for all age groups, focusing on the specific needs and medical conditions of each individual, ensuring their comfort and health at home.

Care for Special Needs: Dedicated support for adults and children with special needs, enhancing their daily quality of life with specialized medical care and attention.

Our goal with each client is to provide a care solution, not just a caregiver. To do that, it takes a coordinated team that can solve challenges as they arise…

Providing In-Home Nursing Care in Greenville, Mauldin, Greer, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pawleys Island, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Charleston, Columbia, Simpsonville, and surrounding areas.

In-Home Nursing Care | Greenville | Heart of the Carolinas
In-Home Nursing Care | Greenville | Heart of the Carolinas

Why Choose HOTC?

Home-Based Pediatric Care
We provide ongoing, professional medical care in the familiar setting of home for pediatric clients with lifelong conditions, reducing the stress of hospital visits.

Skilled Nursing Staff
Our RNs and LPNs are not only highly qualified but also have specialized training to meet the diverse needs of our clients effectively and compassionately.

By selecting HOTC’s in-home skilled nursing services, you ensure that your loved ones receive the comprehensive and respectful care they deserve in the most comfortable and supportive environment. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our clients and their families every day.

At Heart of Carolinas, our goal is to positively and expertly guide our clients and their families through the transitions of aging in a way that brings safety, happiness, and hope, and improves quality of life.

Comprehensive Care Programs

Our skilled nurses provide a variety of critical services, including:

Managing Complex Conditions

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Assistance with cognitive and physical impairments, supporting daily functions and rehabilitation.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries. Help with mobility and self-care, aiming to improve independence and overall well-being.
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Management of symptoms and therapy routines to slow disease progression and maintain physical health.
  • Pediatric Conditions. Specialized care for children with chronic or acute health issues, supporting their development and family life.

Medical Support

  • Medication Administration. Safe and accurate handling of medications, ensuring they are administered on schedule and as prescribed.
  • Vital Signs Monitoring. Regular checks on vital signs to monitor health status and detect any changes needing medical attention.
  • Tube Feeding, Ventilation, and Tracheostomy Care. Technical support for clients requiring mechanical assistance with breathing or nutrition.
  • Gastrostomy Care. Maintenance and care of gastrostomy tubes are crucial for clients who cannot eat by mouth.
  • Foley Catheter and Bowel Program Management. Essential care for urinary and bowel health, supporting client dignity and comfort.

Our goal with each client is to provide a care solution, not just a caregiver. To do that, it takes a coordinated team that can solve challenges as they arise, communicate with family members and evolve the care over time. At Heart of the Carolinas we provide a care manager, staffing manager and team of caregivers. And you can always reach a Heart of the Carolinas care manager 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Heart of the Carolinas Home Care is committed to maximizing the independence and autonomy of our clients. Care begins with a Free RN assessment visit. During this visit, a Care Plan is written. The Care Plan addresses the client’s needs in Activities of Daily Living (ADLS) (such as bathing and dressing) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLS) (such as managing meal preparation and shopping). The client and family members are encouraged to assist with the Care Plan formation. This free service usually takes an hour to complete and gives everyone a clear path of duties and responsibilities.

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