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Should Your Senior Still Be Driving?

Elder Care in Anderson SC: Should Your Senior Still Be Driving?

Driving can be a dangerous thing for your elderly family member to be doing. In fact, for some aging adults, it might be time to give up driving.

Elder Care in Anderson SC: Should Your Senior Still Be Driving?
Elder Care in Anderson SC: Should Your Senior Still Be Driving?

Talk with Her Doctor about Health Issues.

Depending on your senior’s health conditions, driving may or may not be more dangerous for her. If you’re seeing situations that cause you concern, you might find it helpful to talk with her doctor about driving. There may be some suggestions from her doctor that can help both you and your senior to feel safer about her driving.

Check How She Sits in the Car.

Take a few moments and observe your senior in her car. Look at how she’s sitting and whether she’s able to access what she needs to access. Is she sitting too close to the wheel, for instance? Is it difficult for her feet to reach the pedals now? Look at how well she can see from where she’s sitting. Depending on what you’re noticing, there may be adjustments you can make that keep her more comfortable and therefore safer as she’s driving.

Look for Patterns in Her Driving that Could Be an Issue.

Certain patterns can start to show up when your senior is having trouble driving. These might include more frequent dings and scratches on her car or even an increase in her car insurance premium. She might also have started collecting warnings or actual tickets. These new patterns can be a sign of issues.

Take a Ride with Her.

How long has it been since you rode in the car while your elderly family member drove? It might be time for you to be a passenger for a little while. While you’re riding with her, take pains not to critique her driving because that can make her nervous. Instead just make note of what you want to talk to her about later.

Give Her Some Other Options.

If your elderly family member feels as if she doesn’t have any choice but to drive, she might push through even if she doesn’t feel safe. Make sure that you let her know you’ll be happy to drive for her or that she has other options, such as elder care providers who can drive. Knowing that she has options may encourage her to step out of the driver’s seat more often.

It’s never easy for an aging adult to give up something that they’ve done for a while. Try to approach this conversation gently and lovingly. You may even find that making some compromises helps to keep your senior safe while still allowing her to drive now and again.

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