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Strategies for Preventing Falls in Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder affecting movement, balance, and coordination in older adults.
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As the disease worsens over time, falls become increasingly frequent; one leading cause of hospitalization or injury is falls resulting from Parkinson’s. Therefore, strategies must be put in place in this population to mitigate potential falls, such as hiring a home care provider.

Exercise and Physical Therapy

Exercise and physical therapy for Parkinson’s Disease One of the best ways to help older adults avoid falls with Parkinson’s disease is through regular physical therapy sessions such as strength, balance, and coordination exercises – key components to avoid falls – which also provide gait training and balance exercises.

Various exercise programs are specifically created to address Parkinson’s disease, including the LSVT BIG program and Tai Chi for Parkinson’s program. Both of these have proven to be highly beneficial in improving balance, gait, and overall mobility for their target Parkinson’s patients.

Modifying Your Home Environment

One key strategy for preventing falls among older adults living with Parkinson’s is making adjustments to their living environments, including installing grab bars in bathrooms, eliminating potential trip hazards like rugs or throw rugs, and making sure their home is brightly-lit.

Apart from physical adaptations, it’s also crucial that those living with Parkinson’s have access to necessary equipment like walkers or canes to promote mobility.

Medication Management

Medication management can also play an essential role in helping older adults living with Parkinson’s disease avoid falls, as some medications used to treat their illness can cause dizziness or confusion, which increases risk. Therefore, they must work closely with home care providers in managing medications so that any potential side effects are kept to an absolute minimum.

Regular Medical Check-Ups

Regular visits with a home care provider are key to preventing falls among older adults living with Parkinson’s disease. A caregiver will assess an individual’s overall health status and any risk factors, such as vision problems or balance issues, that might increase the chances of falling.

Not only should people with Parkinson’s disease visit their primary home care providers regularly for medical check-ups, but it is equally vital that they make appointments with a neurologist who specializes in Parkinson’s disease for regular appointments with them so they can keep track of its progression and adjust treatment as necessary to prevent falls.

Home Care for Seniors

While various strategies exist for helping older adults living with Parkinson’s disease avoid falls, some may need professional home care providers in the home for additional support in daily activities like bathing and dressing, mobility assistance, and fall prevention strategies. Professional home care providers provide such care; this service may assist individuals requiring it as part of an overall fall prevention strategy.

Home care services can be tailored specifically to each person with Parkinson’s and adjusted as their disease advances, providing independence and quality of life while assuring safety. Home care can support individuals as they maintain independence while remaining safe at the same time.

Falls among older adults with Parkinson’s disease can be an increasingly prevalent and serious risk. Yet, numerous interventions exist that can prevent falls and improve overall safety, such as physical therapy sessions, home modifications for safety purposes, medication administration management plans, regular medical check-ups, plus professional home care services.


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