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Is it Possible to Help Your Aging Adult Avoid a Broken Hip?

Senior Care in Laurens SC: Helping Your Aging Adult Avoid a Broken Hip

One of the most difficult situations your elderly family member might face in her later years is the possibility of a broken hip. Breaking a hip can create a host of other medical problems for her and can complicate her life more than either of you want. Here are a few things you can do to help your aging adult avoid this situation.

Senior Care in Laurens SC: Helping Your Aging Adult Avoid a Broken Hip
Senior Care in Laurens SC: Helping Your Aging Adult Avoid a Broken Hip

Do a Medication Review.

The different medications that your elderly family member takes can be a huge factor in whether she experiences a fall or not. Talk to your senior’s doctor about the medications she’s taking and the dosages. Over time and as new medications are added, those side effects can become more of an issue for your senior. Medication reviews help you to take stock of what is working right now and adjust as necessary.

Consider an Exercise Routine to Build Strength.

Your senior’s doctor may recommend an exercise routine to help her to build muscle and to improve her balance. When you think of an exercise routine, you might think of hours at the gym and complicated routines. For your aging adult, though, an exercise routine might be as simple as taking a daily walk or learning some gentle stretches. Exercise doesn’t have to be hard or complicated to be effective for her.

Check the House Itself.

Your senior’s environment is a big factor in whether she’s going to be able to avoid breaking a hip or not. Check for clutter first and foremost. Dodging clutter is a big reason that aging adults trip and fall. Clutter can also include cables and cords that sometimes get in the way of high traffic areas. You should also make sure that furniture is moved to create open pathways. Carpets and rugs can also be a problem, so make sure that they’re not likely to trip someone or create a situation that contributes to a fall.

Hire Some Extra Help.

Most caregivers can’t spend every moment with their aging adult. If you could, you would be there to support her and to assist her, especially during those moments when she feels less stable on her feet. Hiring senior care providers enables you to ensure that your aging adult has the help that she needs, even when you’re not there with her.

You can’t possibly prepare for every situation, of course. But you can take steps now that help your elderly family member to be more stable on her feet and to be in a safer environment with the help that she needs. All of those things work together to help her to be in the best position possible to avoid a broken hip.

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