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Why Did Your Senior Fall?

Elderly Care in Spartanburg SC: Why Did Your Senior Fall?

Once your senior experiences one fall, she’s more likely to experience another. But that first one is definitely bad enough, so it’s crucial to go on the offensive in terms of fall prevention. Preventing another fall means going through all of the reasons that might have been a factor in this first fall.

Elderly Care in Spartanburg SC: Why Did Your Senior Fall?
Elderly Care in Spartanburg SC: Why Did Your Senior Fall?

Physical Obstacles or Hazards.

Sometimes the very items that your senior loves are the objects that get in her way and cause her to fall. Her favorite throw rugs, knick knacks, and other items may be serious tripping hazards that you need to reconsider. Often moving these items to another location can be enough, but you might want to take an inventory of what all could be a potential issue.

Health Issues Contributed.

Your elderly family member’s health is a big factor when it comes to potential falls. Blood pressure issues, medications that she takes to correct health issues, and so much more can all be part of what you need to consider. Work with your elderly family member’s doctor to narrow down what parts of her health history are the biggest risks for falling.

She Was Afraid She Would Fall.

Fear is tremendously powerful. If your elderly family member is afraid that she is going to fall, she might well put herself in situations where a fall is more likely. She doesn’t mean to do this, of course, but she’s not paying full attention where she should be and it can be a big problem. Restoring her confidence could be as simple as convincing her to use a cane or installing grab bars throughout her house.

Her Senses Aren’t Working Well.

Your senior’s senses factor in more to keeping her from falling than either of you might realize. If she can’t see obstacles clearly, she can’t avoid them. Likewise, hearing issues can affect her balance, whether she realizes that is happening or not. Getting your senior’s hearing and vision tested regularly can help you to spot problems before she takes a big tumble.

When your elderly family member does experience a fall, first make sure that she’s alright. From there, you and her doctor can make sure that you understand what contributed to her fall. Hiring elderly care providers who have experience in preventing falls can help you to develop a plan that you can put into place for her. Preventing another fall is your biggest goal if she’s already experienced one.

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