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How Can You Make Incontinence Care Easier on Your Senior?

Home Care in Charleston SC: Making Incontinence Care Easier on Your Senior

Although people don’t always like to talk about incontinence, it’s a common problem, especially for older adults. Managing incontinence for your aging adult doesn’t have to be complicated or upsetting for either of you. Be Prepared. Keeping an incontinence kit ready to go no matter where you and your elderly family member are is one […]

What Can You Do to Help Your Dad Stay Safe During a Lengthy Power Outage?

Home Care in Charleston SC: Power Outage Safety

There’s no predicting when a power outage will happen, or how long it might last. High winds may knock out power for days. Snow and ice may leave your dad without power for weeks. Make sure your dad stays safe during a long power outage by following these tips. Stay Warm. In the winter, a […]

Transportation Ideas for Elders Who Do not Drive


Home Care in Charleston SC Driving is the mode of transportation for most people. It provides them the freedom to go anywhere they would like and at any time. But what happens when this freedom is taken away from an elder who can no longer drive? Whether they have health problems that makes it impossible […]

Planning a Cookout


Home Care in Charleston SC Summer is the time of year when it seems like everyone is either hosting or attending an outdoor cookout just about every weekend.  Cookouts can be a fun way for families to get together and for friends to catch up and there is no reason why elderly adults need to […]

Home Improvements for Home Care


Home Care in Charleston SC Families’ needs and goals change during the course of a lifetime. With new babies and rambunctious toddlers, parents know to install “baby-proofing” safety items such as outlet covers, cabinet locks, gates, and doorknob covers. But rarely do they think about installing protective or preventive household items for aging seniors as […]

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