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How Can You Make Incontinence Care Easier on Your Senior?

Home Care in Charleston SC: Making Incontinence Care Easier on Your Senior

Although people don’t always like to talk about incontinence, it’s a common problem, especially for older adults. Managing incontinence for your aging adult doesn’t have to be complicated or upsetting for either of you.

Home Care in Charleston SC: Making Incontinence Care Easier on Your Senior
Home Care in Charleston SC: Making Incontinence Care Easier on Your Senior

Be Prepared.

Keeping an incontinence kit ready to go no matter where you and your elderly family member are is one of the best things that you can do. The best kit is going to have incontinence products, wipes, and soapless cleansing supplies. You might also want to include a change of underwear and clothing for your senior to prevent an embarrassing situation. Try not to refer to this kit as anything that infantilizes your senior, such as calling it a diaper bag.

Talk to Her Doctor.

There may be some options available for your senior in terms of incontinence, so it’s important to ask about it. Some of the health conditions that your elderly family member faces may make incontinence more difficult to manage. It could also be that some of her issues with incontinence could be exacerbated by situations such as weight gain or other situations. Getting a handle on those issues can help.

Talk to Your Senior.

Many senior family members and caregivers are reluctant to talk about incontinence because it feels like such a personal issue. But part of being your elderly family member’s caregiver is that you’re going to deal with sensitive topics now and again. It helps to have an open and honest conversation with your elderly family member about her concerns and what she wants to do.

Avoid Overreacting.

Accidents are going to happen and situations are going to go in ways that neither you nor your senior expect. The best thing that you can do when something unexpected happens is to take a deep breath and to concentrate on not overreacting. If you can stay calm, you can help your family member to stay calm, too.

Get Help from Home Care Providers.

Home care providers are an excellent resource when you and your senior are getting accustomed to managing incontinence concerns. They have experience that is invaluable when you’re trying to determine new routines and products that can help your senior the most. They may be able to help you learn different ways to get better results, too.

Incontinence is just one more situation that you and your aging family member are going to manage together. It might take some time and some concerted effort at first, but eventually you’re both going to feel more in control of the situation.

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