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Senior Home Care Advice on Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes it can be hard to get your senior loved one to eat more fruits and veggies. Here are a few senior home care tips on sneaking them into their diet.
Fruits & Veggies: Senior Home Care Greenville SC
Fruits & Veggies: Senior Home Care Greenville SC
Fruits & Veggies: Senior Home Care Greenville SC

Sneaking in fruits and vegetables into a senior’s diet is beneficial because it provides them with vitamins and minerals that can help boost their immune system and improve their health. This will help them age in place for longer. Another thing that can help them is hiring senior home care. These caregivers may help sneak in fruits and vegetables when they prepare food for your loved one. Here are some of the best ways to include more fruits and vegetables in your loved ones’ diets.

Set a Goal With Your Senior

Your loved one isn’t clueless, but they may forget things which can make it hard to remember how much fruit and vegetables they eat. However, if you can sit down with your loved one and talk openly about their diet, you can come up with goals together. These goals can be achieved with the help of senior home care, who help prepare food for your loved one. This goal may help a senior remember what they’re supposed to be eating and help them make better meal choices throughout the week. In addition, it is one of the easiest ways to “sneak” fresh foods into their diets.

Add Vegetables to Their Favorite Foods

If your senior loves lasagna, don’t make them forgo this food; add vegetables! You can add things like spinach, mushrooms, or even carrots to this dish. Look at what your senior eats often and their favorite foods, and find some vegetables you can add. This can even be done with fruits. If your senior loves to eat yogurt, add some fresh berries. This approach will tell them it’s okay to eat their favorite foods but also add some much-needed minerals and vitamins. It can be one of the easiest ways to focus on health.

Start a Garden

You may know that starting a garden is the best way to get exercise and get outside in the yard. But this is also the best way to eat fresh vegetables! They can grow herbs to use on baked carrots; they can grow carrots and tomatoes. When they put in the work to grow these amazing vegetables, they will feel encouraged to use them. This is an easy way to eat garden-fresh in the summer! It feels rewarding when they can use what they worked so hard to grow.

Opt For Dry Fruit

Many people believe dried fruit isn’t as good as fresh fruit, but the truth is it’s filled with vitamins and minerals. Add this to yogurt or eat it plain. It’s a great alternative to the sticky fresh fruit and can be included in more snacks or breakfast options.

Go to the Summer Market

Summertime is the best because it is when more outside things open up, including the farmers market. This is a chance to buy local produce, eat more foods they love, and support their community. When they see all the tasty options, it will encourage them to buy fresh foods and find unique recipes to try out.

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