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Senior Care Activities for the Great Outdoors

Summer is a great time for your senior loved one to get outdoors and enjoy some new activities. Check out these senior friendly hobbies.
Outdoor Activities: Senior Home Care Charleston SC
Outdoor Activities: Senior Home Care Charleston SC

Your senior loved one is feeling like he’s been couped up all winter and has told his senior care provider that he’s ready to get out and start a new outdoor hobby. That’s terrific! Being outside and active and both great health enhancers by helping improve not only physical health but mental health as well. Sunshine, fresh air, and nature’s beauty may be just what your loved one needs.

If your loved one has an outdoor passion, then by all means, encourage him to either keep it up or restart it. Finding something that he enjoys will be more likely to keep your loved one engaged in the activity for the long term instead of becoming bored and stopping his engagement. Maybe they’re even looking to try something new! Here are six great suggestions to get him out and get him moving in the great outdoors.

Bird Watching

Grab a bird book (or put a bird app on your loved one’s phone), a pair of binoculars, and some good shoes for walking and your loved one will be set to start a bird adventure. His senior care provider can bring him to local areas of water for great areas to spot plenty of birds, or into local wooded areas.


Geocaching is a form of treasure-hunting that uses GPS coordinates to locate hidden containers or “caches.” It’s a fun way to explore the outdoors and get some exercise. Occasionally it causes the “hunter” to walk across uneven ground so having someone like a senior care provider come along for the fun will help with any caches that are out of reach.


If your loved one wants to start a garden, there are lots of places to begin. Whether it’s a small container garden, a beautiful flower bed, or a slew of crops, gardening is a great way to get outside and get some exercise. Larger gardens may require non-stop maintenance, so make sure your loved one is set up to succeed with the help he needs from a senior care provider watering the plants to a grandchild helping pull weeds.


Many parks have well-maintained hiking trails that can take your loved one deep into the forest or mountains safely and easily. Hikes can be short or long and oftentimes, your loved one can choose the terrain for his physical ability.

Taking photos. Photography can be a fun and rewarding hobby for your loved one. With today’s phones, he might not even need to lug around a heavy camera. Either way, he’ll get plenty of exercise and fresh air while he captures the day’s memories to share with his loved ones and online.


Golf can be a great sport for many elderly. It can be a lot of fun with friends or can be done alone with or without a golf cart. You can help your loved one find some professional lessons and then he can spend his summer swinging his club on the green.

Summer is a great time to start a hobby that will last a lifetime.

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