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Home Care Tips to Get Moving On Senior Health and Fitness Day

This coming Wednesday, May 31st, is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Check out these home care tips to get your senior loved up and moving!
National Senior Health and Fitness Day: Home Care Anderson SC
National Senior Health and Fitness Day: Home Care Anderson SC
National Senior Health and Fitness Day: Home Care Anderson SC

The last Wednesday of the month, May 31, is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. This observance has taken place for the last 30 years and its theme this year is “Move More to Do More.”

Many organizations like local gyms and senior centers will host events that will invite local senior citizens to come and participate in a variety of events that are aimed at improving their health and wellness. If your elderly loved one has a home care provider that can help with transporting him to such an event, it can be a great way to celebrate the day, meet some new friends and stay healthy.

But if your loved one’s home care provider cannot provide a ride, or if there are no centers nearby celebrating the event, your loved one can still participate. Since this year’s theme is “Move More to Do More,” just about any activity that involved movement, can be included in this fun day to remind people that everyone needs to stay active no matter what their age.

Here are some easy and fun ways to get moving to celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

Play with Your Pets or Grandkids

It doesn’t have to be structured movement to be good exercise. Your loved one can spend time with those she loves to get the exercise she needs. If you have little ones, a fun game of tag or whiffle ball around the backyard can be a great way to move more. Older grandchildren can be fun to take for a hike in a local park to have a nature treasure hunt and a pet will enjoy your senior tossing a ball or going for a long walk in the park.

Do Some Yard Work

With summer right around the corner, your loved one might enjoy getting the yard ready for guests by putting out some fun decorations, planting some flowers in flower pots, and getting the patio furniture spruced up. A home care provider can help with any heavy lifting or extreme bending and before you know it, the yard will be ready for guests.

Be a Tourist in Your Town

A great way to get out and move more is to spend a half-day being a tourist right where she lives. Visit those little local museums that share facts about the town’s history, walk along the sidewalks in old neighborhoods, and then top it off with an ice cream treat or a baked good from a local shop that’s always been there.

A Nightly Stroll

The weather is finally nice enough in most areas, that an evening stroll is a perfect way to end a day and make sure that your loved one was able to move more today. Find a well-lit area and make sure your loved one has company, whether it’s you, another loved one, or her home care provider so that she’ll be safe while out celebrating National Senior Health and Fitness Day.

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