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How Companion Care at Home Improves Quality of Life

When your senior loved one is aging in place, there may be part of their daily routine that they need assistance with. Companion care at home is a great option to provide them with the care they need.
Quality of Life: Companion Care at Home Greer SC
Quality of Life: Companion Care at Home Greer SC
Quality of Life: Companion Care at Home Greer SC

Your dad wants to age in place. Moving to a retirement community is not something that appeals to him. He wants to stay in his home, but you worry about his quality of life. Have you looked at all that companion care at home provides when it comes to maintaining a high quality of life?

What is Companion Care at Home?

Companion care at home is a service where an aide comes to your dad’s home and provides help with his daily routine. Whatever your dad needs help completing, he’ll have caregivers to assist him or complete things for him.

His caregiver can plan and prepare meals for him, and he’s welcome to help if he’d like. He has a caregiver with him while he eats, and he doesn’t have to wash dishes or clean the kitchen after. Leftovers get put away before they spoil.

Providers can also clean his home by dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and tidying up. He’ll have someone there to make his bed if desired. Once a week, his caregiver can change the sheets, hang fresh towels, and make sure they’re all washed and dried. When items are washed and dried, the caregiver can put everything away.

With companion care at home, your dad doesn’t have to have help with these tasks. He can just have someone stopping by to keep him company. If he likes walking but hates going outside alone, he can have a caregiver accompany him. At home, his caregiver can help him in his gardens or on neighborhood walks.

His caregiver can drive him to a local park for walks in gardens or around a body of water. If he needs breaks, his caregiver can sit with him until he’s ready to go again. He has a caregiver for support, too.

Your dad’s care needs may be a little more extensive, and that’s okay. He might need help to schedule appointments or remember when they are. His caregiver can schedule appointments, make sure he’s ready to go on time, and drive him there. At the medical office or other business, his caregiver can accompany him through registration and wait until he’s ready to go home.

If he has errands to run, his caregiver can bring him shopping, help him pay for his purchases, and load items into the trunk. At home, his caregiver can carry packages in and put things away.

Arranging Companion Care at Home Services

Companion care at home services are one of the best ways to ensure your dad has the help he needs when you’re too far away to visit. While your dad is one of a high percentage of older adults who want to age in place, you don’t want his quality of life to suffer from his being alone.

Aging at home doesn’t have to mean feeling isolated or lonely. Reach out to a home care specialist and ask about companion care at home. Your dad can have aides stopping by regularly to clean his house, prepare meals, take him shopping, and provide the companionship he needs.

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