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Elder Care Advice to Keep Exercising Safe

Senior Exercising: Elder Care Laurens SC
Senior Exercising: Elder Care Laurens SC

Whether it’s because of doctor’s orders or your loved one just wants to get in better strength, starting a new exercise program is a wonderful way to increase energy. It also can help build muscles and boost spirits, too. After your loved one decides what type of exercise program she’d like to begin, discuss with her where she’ll do it, when, and if she needs any special equipment or clothing. Her elder care provider can help with transportation needs as well bringing her to the store to purchase any items she might need, even if it’s just a new pair of shoes.

Check with Her Doctor

If your senior hasn’t been very active in recent years, you’ll want to help her get started in a way that not only keeps her safe but provides a positive experience so that she’ll want to keep active. Before the first steps (or strokes or swings) are taken, make sure to have your loved one visit her general physician to ensure that she can perform the exercises she is hoping to do. Her doctor will be a great resource if he thinks she needs any type of physical help (like a brace or a guard) and to teach her what physical signs to be aware of that may indicate she needs to slow down or take a break.

Once she’s ready to go, here are five steps to keep her safe as she begins.

Start Slow

Building slowly from her current fitness level is one of the top keys to helping her not only reduce her risk of injury but also give her the chance to be successful in this journey. Overdoing it early on can cause injury, which may lead to her giving up on the endeavor altogether.

Have an Exercise Buddy

The benefits of having a buddy are many. First, it creates an accountability partner to help her stay motivated. It’s harder to miss a day when someone else is counting on you to show up. Second, it gives her someone to have social interaction with, creating a mental and emotional uplift as well as physical. Finally, a buddy is great for seniors to be there for safety measures. For example, if her elder care provider is her exercise partner, they can make sure she drinks enough water, watches her step on those curbs, or get help if she gets injured.

Drink Plenty of Water

As mentioned in point 2, staying hydrated is key, even if swimming is the activity. She should drink before, during, and after her workout.

Know Her Surroundings

If your loved one is planning on walking each day, she needs to know her route well, be aware of traffic patterns and rules, and watch for any possible dangers (a stray dog or a big crack in the sidewalk). Having her elder care provider join her is a great way to keep her safe.

Dress appropriately, especially if exercising outside. Your loved one should be dressed for the weather and wear clothes that will keep her comfortable and protected.

That’s it. Now, she just needs to warm up and get moving. This can be a great start to healthier days ahead.

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