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Home Care Assistance Aids with Senior Transportation

If your senior is struggling with transportation and your work schedule gets in the way, look into some alternative sources such as hiring a home care assistance provider!
Senior Transportation: Home Care Assistance Anderson SC
Senior Transportation: Home Care Assistance Anderson SC
Senior Transportation: Home Care Assistance Anderson SC

Maybe your loved one is still driving, but he’s discovering that there are times he’s not comfortable driving. He doesn’t need to give up the activity yet, but having a little help on those challenging trips might be just the help he needs. If you’re not nearby or perhaps work during regular business hours when your loved one needs to get to appointments or activities, it might be time to look into some alternative sources for his transportation. Such as hiring a home care assistance provider.

Research Local Senior Services

Many communities have buses or vans that will come right to the home to pick someone up and then also bring them home. This option can be convenient, but it needs to be scheduled and during busy hours, it might be difficult to get a pick-up and drop-off time that works around the appointment time.

Public transportation can be an option if your loved one lives close to a bus stop or train station. Seniors can usually get a reduced-rate riding card or even a free one, but your senior will need to learn the routes and then only be able to travel when the routes are scheduled.

Ride services like taxis, Uber, and Lyft can all be great for odd times and urgent trips, but their cost can easily escalate and add up if used too often.

One of the best resources may be having a home care assistance provider help with transportation to and from appointments when your loved one is not able to drive. A home care assistance provider can come right to the door and help your loved one walk out to the vehicle and then can even join him as he waits for his appointment. They can be a valuable resource, especially if there are specific factors that might make your loved one uncomfortable getting behind the wheel himself.

Below are some common factors that you or your loved one might want to consider having a home care assistance provider help with transportation.

Inclement Weather

If your senior is uncomfortable driving in the rain, while it’s snowing, or when the roads are icy, having someone like a home care assistance provider help with driving might give him the comfort he needs to get the appointments he should during that time.


Especially in winter, the sun sets early, and late afternoon appointments could have your loved one leaving after the sun has set. Many seniors have difficulty driving at night so having someone provide a ride will help him arrive safely home from those later appointments.

Unknown Destinations

While GPS can help, it can also be too difficult for your loved one to watch the screen, listen to directions, and drive. If it’s a new place for your loved one, he might appreciate having someone else drive him.

Being safe while on the roads is paramount, so encourage your loved one to share with you when he’s uncomfortable driving so you can help him find the best way to get from here to there safely.

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