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4 Senior Care Steps to Prevent COVID Exposure

Although most of the world has relaxed on COVID restrictions, here are a few senior care steps to help prevent exposure.
COVID Prevention: Senior Care Columbia SC
COVID Prevention: Senior Care Columbia SC
COVID Prevention: Senior Care Columbia SC

Although the nation has relaxed its reactions to COVID-19, this virus still poses the deadliest threat to older adults who have the highest risk of a severe case of COVID. As the world enters its fourth year of the pandemic, the status of it being a public health emergency has changed into it being a public health priority that still needs to be addressed and prepared for.

Almost all activities have reopened and your loved one and your family may be ready to fully engage the world again. Which is great! It’s good for your loved one’s mental health to be able to do the things he loves. But in order to keep safe and reduce the risk of your loved one getting COVID and possibly becoming seriously ill from it, there are four steps you can take to reduce his risk.


Make sure your loved one is fully vaccinated, including all current boosters. If your loved one has not received the bivalent booster yet, your senior care provider can bring him to the pharmacy or clinic to get his booster. Many older adults have forgotten that boosters are a great way to reduce their risk if they are exposed to COVID, so having someone like a senior care provider make sure they remember to get it can really help.

Avoid Large Crowds of Unknown People

Because fewer people are wearing masks and many haven’t had their booster shots, it’s impossible to know if those around you in a large setting are healthy or if they’re carrying the COVID virus. Many younger people may have it and not even be aware they could be spreading it to those around them.

Large crowds that are confined to indoor spaces still pose the largest risk of spreading the virus so your loved one should consider the risks when attending any large indoor events.

Wear a High Quality Mask

At the beginning of the pandemic, many people were making stylish masks just to have some protection because there weren’t enough N95 masks to go around. At this time, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding N95 masks so make sure you have plenty of them on hand. Wearing a mask can help your loved one attend those larger events that he has his heart set on, especially indoor events that are not well-ventilated. A mask can also let your senior care provider take care of your loved one after a possible exposure by reducing the risk of spread.

Wash Hands Frequently

This old health practice is still one of the best ones out there. It is the best way to prevent the spread of many viruses and germs. It’s important to still be vigilant about thorough hand-washing so if needed, have your senior care provider review the steps to properly hand wash again.

Hopefully, following these four steps will help your elderly loved one navigate a world where COVID still remains a persistent threat to our health.

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