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Do You Feel Stuck in the Middle as a Caregiver of Two Different Generations? Learn To Accept Help.

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Caregiver Stress near Seneca, SC – Are You in The Sandwich Generation?

“Two Examples of Sandwich Caregivers near Seneca, SC”

Today’s adult children of elderly parents have become the sandwich generation. In other words, they are sandwiched between two generations of family members, both of which they provide care for. Here are two examples of sandwich caregivers: Caregiver Seneca SC

Emily – With 3 teenagers still at home and her elderly dad who needs her help 3-4 days a week, Emily is in the sandwich generation. She also holds down a full-time job. Sometimes even she wonders where she gets the time and energy to get everything done.

Frank – His mother needs help almost every day, and calls him daily to come tend to her needs. Frank has a wife and 2 children at home and works full-time. Even though Frank’s sister Alice takes care of their mother on weekends, Frank finds the daily calls really wear him out. He ends up going over to his mother’s almost 4 times each week, taking time away from his wife and 2 children.

If you are part of the sandwich generation then you will know only too well how hard it can be.  In the following article we will look at some of the most common challenges.

Working Out Who Needs More Support

It can be very tricky being stuck in the middle as the caregiver of two different generations, especially because you can’t do everything and will have to make difficult choices.  These choices include:

Leaving your elderly parent unattended for a couple of hours in order to see your children in the school play/talent show/etc.
Leaving your oldest child in charge of any younger children because you have to attend to your elderly parent
Take vacation time to accommodate your responsibility to get those in your care to their hospital and other appointments
Prioritizing Caring For Your Elderly Parents, Your Children against Your Work Commitments

Caregiving for the most part feels like a job when you just have one generation to look after, but when you are a sandwich generation caregiver it is an even bigger job.  Understandably, it can be hard to balance and prioritize correctly looking after your elderly parents or relatives, your children and keeping the same level of commitment to your work you did before you became a caregiver.  Unfortunately, you can’t do everything, which means you have to consider what you can and can’t do.  While you might not be able to quit work completely, you may have to think about taking on fewer hours.  You have to find something that works best for you.

You Should Accept Help When You Need It

The biggest mistake you can make as a sandwich generation caregiver is to turn down help when it is offered to you.  If a sibling, other relative or friend offers to help you by giving you some respite in some way, you should accept the help.

“If you are part of the sandwich generation, please make it a point to have another “filling” in the sandwich. Make sure you have someone to share the load with you, even if it’s just occasionally. Make that sandwich peanut butter and jelly. It’s much more interesting and better for all.”

An especially effective way to alleviate some of the senior care stress and give you back some time and energy is to hire home care to help.

If you or an aging loved one are considering an in-home caregiver, contact Heart of the Carolinass Home Care at 864-991-3116. Providing Home Care Services in Greenville, Simpsonville, Greer, Anderson, Spartanburg, Mauldin, Seneca, Laurens,Charleston, Columbia and the surrounding areas.

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