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Do You Know How To Decrease the Risk of Developing Osteoporosis? Follow these Preventative Steps.

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Elderly Care in Mauldin, SC – Osteoporosis: What You Need To Know!

As we age, our bones lose density and become increasingly brittle. This is largely due to a significant decrease in the levels of minerals, such as calcium, in our body. It is an unfortunate truth women are more likely to develop Osteoporosis than are men. There are specific reasons for this and with this knowledge, steps can be taken in the present to avoid or decrease the likelihood of experiencing the debilitating effects of such a disease. Elderly Care Mauldin SC

Osteoporosis is defined as, “a disorder in which the bones become increasingly porous, brittle, and subject to fracture, owing to loss of calcium and other mineral components, sometimes resulting in pain, decreased height, and skeletal deformities: common in older persons, primarily postmenopausal women, but also associated with long-term steroid therapy and certain endocrine disorders.” Osteoporosis | Define Osteoporosis at

Osteoporosis and Women, the Unfortunate Link

If a major decline of calcium and other minerals is the cause of conditions such as Osteoporosis, it is logical that women have a much greater chance of developing it later in life. Women’s bones are much smaller than men’s and for that reason alone, even a small decrease in your BMD (Bone Marrow Density) level would have a greater impact for a woman. Females spend many years dealing with hormonal levels bouncing up and down, especially estrogen. Many experts believe that, during the average 5-8 years a woman experiences menopause, they are losing BMD the entire time.

Decreasing the Risks of Developing Osteoporosis

There are, however, several steps both men and women can take to help prevent or decrease their chances of developing Osteoporosis. Preventative techniques include;

  1. Daily Vitamin D: Vitamin D allows the body to better absorb Vitamin C. Supplements are not required; simply spend some time out in the sunshine each and every day. In as little as 10 minutes, our body soaks up enough sun to adequately nourish our body for the day. Be mindful, however, to not increase your risk of skin cancer by spending too much time exposed during the peak hours without proper sunscreen applied.
  2. Strengthen Your Body: Our bones are protected by muscles. Logically, the stronger our muscles the better supported our bones become. This does not mean everyone has to take up body building in order to help prevent brittle bones in older years. Strength Training 3-4 times each week will help you build a stronger muscular frame which will support your bones. Combine a strengthening regime with the use of a vitamin supplement high in both calcium and vitamin D for even better results.
  3. Educate the Younger Ones: Education is by far the best preventative medicine for decreasing a person’s risk of developing brittle bones in their senior years. Our Bone Mass Development is never higher than between the ages of 25 and 30. After this time you cannot significantly increase the levels of calcium and other required minerals in your bones, you can only do everything possible to maintain your BMD level. This means educating those we love long before they reach the age of menopause.

Does your elderly parent need some assistance with the daily activities of life? Things like bathing and dressing or managing their medications? An elder care provider is the perfect solution. A trained and loving caregiver can come into your parent’s home and provide them with the perfect kind of help they need.

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