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What May Determine When Your Parent is Discharged After Heart Surgery?

No one looks forward to long stretches in the hospital and it is likely that if your parent is preparing to undergo heart surgery, both of you are already thinking about their discharge and being able to return home so that they can start their recovery. Understanding what goes into the decision about your parent’s discharge can help both of you to feel more relaxed and focus on each step of healing and improvement that goes into recovery beginning the moment that their surgery has ended. It is important to keep in mind that the qualifications for discharge after heart surgery are very personal and that your parent’s doctor will determine when they are discharged based on their individual health and well-being, how well they got through surgery, and any other issues or challenges that may be contributing to the their recovery.

Elder Care in Charleston SC: Being Discharged After Heart Surgery
Elder Care in Charleston SC: Being Discharged After Heart Surgery

Some issues that may go into determining when your parent is discharged after heart surgery include:

  • How well their pain is controlled and how much they are depending on pain medication.
  • The ability to walk to the restroom unassisted, if this is something that they were able to do prior to the surgery.
  • When they are no longer reliant on supplemental oxygen that was given to them after their surgery.
  • Satisfactory results for post-surgical test such as X-rays and blood work.
  • When your parent is back on their normal medication routine as is considered safe and appropriate by their doctor.
  • When all tubes and support have been removed and your parent is responding well.
  • When vital signs return to a normal or acceptable range for your parent.


The doctor may also discuss post-surgical recovery with you to make sure that you are prepared to give your parent support and assistance that they will need to get through this recovery. Discuss with them arrangements that you have made, such as changes you’ve made to your parent’s home to make it more accessible for their recovery and hiring an elder care provider to offer ongoing assistance and support during recovery so that the doctor will feel confident that your parent is going into an environment that will be conducive to healing.


If you have been looking for a way to enhance your aging loved one’s quality of life and support their management of individual challenges, limitations, and issues, now may be the ideal time for you to start elder care for them. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a schedule that is right for both their needs and the care that you already give them. This ensures that your relationship and the efforts that you give them remain at the forefront of their care while both of you can also feel confident that any other needs will be addressed effectively, efficiently, and respectfully. The personalized services that this care provider can offer your parent will be specifically tailored to not just their needs, but also their individual goals, personality, and preferences. This helps them to stay healthy, safe, and comfortable while pursuing independence and engagement.

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