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5 Reasons Why Seniors Should Adopt a Dog

Elderly Care in Greenville SC: Adopting a Dog

Is your elderly mom or dad a real dog lover? You’ve probably been wondering if getting a dog for them is a good idea. There are numerous physical and mental advantages to having a dog, and the benefits far exceed any obstacles you might have. October is Adopt a Dog Month, which means that communities are shining a spotlight on the best ways to bring a canine companion into your home.

Elderly Care in Greenville SC: Adopting a Dog
Elderly Care in Greenville SC: Adopting a Dog

Elderly adults that depend on family caregivers and elderly care providers need to have their help in taking care of the dog. Just as this support system helps with laundry, meal preparation, and housekeeping, pet care needs to be included as part of your duties. Of course, your elderly parent will do as much as they can on their own but will likely need your support. It will be worth it to see your aging mom or dad with a loving, adorable dog.

In case you need any more convincing that your elderly parent needs a pet, check out these 5 reasons why seniors should adopt a dog.

1. Senior Dogs Need Senior People.

Puppies are adopted from shelters quickly, but older dogs are frequently overlooked. This means that there are too many older dogs just waiting for adoption. Elderly adults don’t match well with high-energy puppies or active juveniles. Senior dogs are calmer and more patient, and they are content to either go for a walk or take a nap next to their person.

2. A Loving Companion.

It’s no secret that dogs and their owners give each other unconditional love and companionship. If your aging parent is a little lonely or needs something to focus their energy on, a dog will be an excellent friend for them. Seniors who are dependent on family caregivers and elderly care providers often like to have a dog on which to focus their nurturing energy.

3. Stress Reducer.

Studies show that interacting with a dog or cat can reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. The act of petting dogs releases positive hormones in the brain and helps reduce anxiety, depression, and even pain. Elderly adults are often touch deprived as well, even though family caregivers and elderly care providers are around. A dog provides the cuddles and snuggles that so many seniors miss as they grow older and more isolated.

4. Exercise Motivator.

Dogs need walked and played with, and their sweet faces are the best motivation for seniors to get up and exercise. Even elderly adults in wheelchairs can throw a ball or go out for a walk with the help of family caregivers and elderly care providers. Feeding, watering, and grooming the dog gives seniors a chance to stay active throughout the day.

5. Social Catalyst.

Dogs are great ice breakers and seniors will get to know a lot of new people via their pet. From people at the park and in the neighborhood to groomers, veterinarians, and more, all kinds of people will want to interact with the senior and their dog. For elderly adults that are somewhat lonely and isolated, dogs are an excellent way to get them out into the community.

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