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What Kind of Shower Chair is Best for Seniors?

Those with back or foot pain who need a quick break from standing to those with very limited strength or mobility — and everyone in between.

Shower chairs can benefit a wide range of seniors. Those with back or foot pain who need a quick break from standing to those with very limited strength or mobility — and everyone in between. There are numerous styles and variations of shower chairs. The best choice for any given senior will depend on their individual needs, and the size and set up of their bathroom and shower stall or bathtub. 

Shower Stool

Elder Care Greenville, SC: Shower Chairs

Seniors who have good strength and balance overall, but still appreciate a place to get off their feet briefly while washing their hair, or scrubbing between their toes, may appreciate a shower stool. Shower stools tend to be small, so they can fit nicely into a small area, such as a shower stall, and can easily be removed if the senior’s spouse desires. Stools often come without a back, so they take up less space, but offer less support than a traditional shower chair.  

Shower Chair 

A shower chair is specially made for use in bathtubs and shower stalls. They are often made of plastic and aluminum, and may feature backrests and hand grips to enhance support and mobility.  

Transfer Bench 

Shower transfer benches are very wide chairs, designed to place two legs inside the tub or shower stall and two legs outside in the bathroom. Seniors with very limited mobility can sit down on the bench outside of the tub and scoot themselves over into the tub without standing. Transfer benches can be very helpful for seniors with leg fractures. Transfer benches tend to take up a lot of room, even outside of the tub. 

Shower Safety 

Be sure that whatever style of shower chair you try fits well within the confines of your stall or tub. It’s important that the rubber feet adhere securely to the bottom of the tub – if the tub slopes upward underneath the feet, it can lead to wobbles or slipping, and can result in a fall. 

One of the most dangerous parts of showering is getting in and out of the tub. Lifting one leg contributes to poor balance, which can spell disaster – especially if the senior is a little lightheaded from the warm humid bathroom environment.  

Non-slip rubber threshold wedges can reduce the risk of stumbling over a low shower lip. Finding the proper shower bench that allows the senior to safely slide over the side of the tub can be a good tactic if space allows. 

Elder Care can Help Make Showering Safe and Comfortable 

Many seniors opt to hire a professional elder care aide to come to their home and assist with the process of showering. Not only do they feel much more safe, they find that the elder care aides also make the process much less taxing, and more enjoyable.  

Elder care aides can help set up the shower, gather linens and do a lot of the leg work that adds to the overall energy cost of bathing. Aides can help wash feet, back, hair, or other parts that may be difficult for the senior to reach. Elder care aides can help the senior dress if needed. They can even put on difficult tight compression hose in the morning, or remove them at night. Elder care aides can also apply lotion to skin after a bath, for a relaxing and nourishing end to the day.  


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