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Elderly Care can Support Active Aging in Older Adults

The International Council of Active Aging describes wellness as the capacity to lead a life full of purpose, engagement and embraced potentials.

The International Council of Active Aging describes wellness as the capacity to lead a life full of purpose, engagement and embraced potentials. They recognize seven distinct dimensions of wellness. Regardless of whether a senior is a top-level athlete or needs ongoing physical assistance, each has the potential to experience wellness and fulfillment in an active life. The seven dimensions of wellness often overlap in daily life. They include: 

Emotional Wellness

Elderly Care Simpsonville, SC: Active Aging

Emotional wellness affords seniors the ability to be aware of their feelings, and communicate them appropriately. Coping well with challenges and maintaining trustworthy, respectful behavior indicates a high level of emotional wellness. Counseling, stress management and humor can improve emotional wellness. 

Intellectual Wellness 

Intellectual or cognitive health is tied to stimulating the mind with ongoing learning and creative pursuits.  

Physical Wellness 

Physical wellness is influenced by following medical recommendations, physical activity, diet, sleep patterns, and lifestyle habits such as smoking or drinking. Maintaining good physical wellness can be an important factor in retaining one’s independence. 

Vocational Wellness 

Utilizing one’s unique skills and expertise is an important part of vocational wellness. For retirees, vocational wellness frequently takes the form of hobbies, volunteering or mentoring others.  

Social Wellness 

Social interaction is an important part of the human experience, and seniors can maintain their social health by engaging with friends, family members, or other people.  

Spiritual Wellness 

Spiritual wellness requires living a life full of personal meaning and purpose, guided by personal values. Religious ceremonies, group or individual faith-based practices, meditation and spending time in nature are a few of the ways seniors can experience a spiritual connection to the world. 

Environmental Wellness 

Spending time in an environment that feels good is important to wellness. Whether out in nature or in one’s own home, the environment in which seniors spend their time impacts their wellbeing. 


Elderly Care can Support Active Aging 

Elderly care services can be customized to support each individual senior exactly where they are in their life. Services can be mixed and matched from an extensive array of choices, and schedules customized, so that each senior receives exactly what they need and prefer. Some ways that elderly care services help seniors overcome challenges to engage in active, well lifestyles include: 


Elderly care aides can drive seniors to classes, appointments or church gatherings. They can also help with shopping to ensure access to healthy foods, craft supplies or other items. 

Meal Preparation 

Elderly care aides can help with meal preparation, reminders, and encouragement.  


Some seniors aren’t interested in housework, some choose to prioritize limited energy stores elsewhere, and some just need a little help completing it due to physical or mental challenges. Changing linens, washing laundry and completing light housework are among the popular services elderly care can provide. 


Many seniors like to have an elderly care aide walk with them each day for exercise and companionship. This affords them security if they have physical challenges or memory concerns. Many seniors remark that having a date set with another person makes them less likely to skip it! 


One of the most appreciated features of elderly care services is the built-in companionship, and many seniors enlist elderly care services primarily for their company. Looking through old photographs, working on a hobby with an assistant, or just sharing a cup of tea can make a big difference in a senior’s overall wellness and quality of life. 


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