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What Can You Do to Make Your Senior’s Move Less Stressful?

Senior Care in Greenville SC: Making Your Senior's Move Less Stressful

Moving is never easy, but it can be even more complicated when you’re helping your senior to move. Here are some things you can do to help reduce those stress levels for everyone.

Senior Care in Greenville SC: Making Your Senior's Move Less Stressful
Senior Care in Greenville SC: Making Your Senior’s Move Less Stressful

Figure out What Can Be Donated or Given Away.

Odds are very good that if your elderly family member is moving, she’s doing so to a smaller home of some sort. She might be moving in with you or simply to another living situation. But she might not be able to bring everything that she owns with her. It’s difficult to do, but determine as soon as possible what your senior is willing to give, sell, or donate to someone else.

Preserve Memories.

Memories are so important, both for your aging adult and for future generations. If your aging family member has boxes of photos, do what you can to organize them into albums or convert them to digital format. This helps to protect them as well as keeping them available for your senior whenever she wants them.

Look for Ways to Downsize Collections that Take up Space.

The other benefit to finding ways to preserve memories is that you can often keep them in a smaller or more portable type of storage. Other collections, like books, can get heavy to move and can take up a lot of space. Replacing traditional books with electronic versions is one solution. Other collections, such as knick knacks or other collectibles, might live in a relative’s home with the caveat that your senior can visit often.

Make Sure You’ve Got a Moving Stash.

When it gets closer to moving day, make sure that you’ve got a stash of supplies. The kinds of things you’ll need might include medications for your senior, snacks and beverages, clothing, and anything else that would make moving day more comfortable for you and for your aging adult. You might designate a specific spot for these items on say the kitchen counter or keep them in a bag you can keep an eye on.

Get Some Extra Help for Moving Day.

As moving day arrives, it can help if you have other people on hand who can help your senior specifically while you’re dealing with the overall logistics of the move itself. Senior care providers or other family members can ensure that your aging adult is comfortable and that they grab you if you’re specifically needed. This allows you to put your focus on the big issue until it’s resolved.

All moves are stressful, unfortunately. But hopefully using some of these techniques can help your elderly family member’s move to be a little less difficult for her.

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