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Three Reasons Hand Washing Is So Effective Against Coronavirus

Why is hand washing recommended so often to battle the coronavirus?

One of the biggest recommendations from the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic is to practice frequent and thorough handwashing. It’s important to understand why that is such an effective solution and how germs get into the human body. Once you understand those two things, you’re going to help your senior to make hand washing a much bigger priority in her life. 

Germs Are Everywhere

Elder Care Anderson, SC: Hand Washing and Coronavirus

Germs are absolutely everywhere, all the time. Germs are constantly growing and they can make people really sick when they get inside the human body. Different germs live on surfaces for varying amounts of time. Some of them are always in food and on commonly touched surfaces, and people develop immunity to them because they’re so common. The novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is a brand-new virus to the human body. That’s why those germs are so very dangerous. Humans haven’t developed immunity yet and therefore need to avoid these germs. 

Germs Transfer Easily 

All germs transfer easily from one place to another. They’re extremely mobile. They’re in the air when someone coughs or sneezes. They end up on surfaces, like handrails or doorknobs. Then they transfer to people, too. The germs usually transfer from one person to another and the easiest way that happens is that someone carrying the germ touches an object. Then someone else touches that same object and picks up those germs. Then the germs get into the new person’s body. 

People Touch Their Faces Way More Than They Realize 

If you’re wondering how germs get into the human body so easily, there are two main ways. Germs that spread through respiratory fluids get into the air when someone coughs or sneezes and then inhales. That’s why social distancing is recommended right now. The other way that germs get into someone’s body is through touching an object that has those germs on it and then touching their face, especially their eyes, nose, or mouth. That’s an easy way for the germs to gain entry and make someone sick. 

It’s really important that your senior is doing everything that she can to avoid the germs that lead to Covid-19. Keeping up this constant vigilance takes a lot of energy that she might not have, though. Elderly care providers are an excellent answer to this problem. They can help her to clean and to disinfect so that she can focus on keeping her immune system strong. 


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