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How Can You Boost Your Senior’s Independence?

There’s a lot you can do as your senior’s caregiver that helps her to stay independent.

You and your senior might find yourself at odds with each other more than you expect over the issue of independence. This is truly something that you can work with her about, even when you’re sure she needs more help. 

Talk to Your Senior Regularly about What She Needs

Caregiver Greenville, SC: Boosting Independence

Set up some regular times to talk with your senior about what she wants and needs in order to keep herself as independent as she wants to be. Some of the things you might talk about could be anything that she is finding difficult or that she finds worrisome. You can offer possible solutions and test out different options. 

Safety Checks Help Preserve Her Independence  

One of the biggest roadblocks to independence and to aging in place for older adults is safety. If you and your elderly family member can agree on a set number and type of safety checks that you’ll do regularly, that can go a long way toward helping you both to feel more comfortable. What you’re looking for on these safety sweeps are things that are unsafe, like a loose floorboard or cords that are blocking a frequently used area. These are things you can correct. 

Delivery Services Can Keep Her from Having to Go Out 

Some areas of life can be a little more challenging for your senior than others. Running errands might be one of those areas. The good news is that so much is available via delivery now that hasn’t been as easy to have delivered in the past. Taking advantage of delivery services can help your senior to have what she needs on a regular basis without having to go out herself. 

Extra Help Makes a Big Difference  

Having some extra help around her home can make all of the difference for your elderly family member if she’s planning on aging in place. Home care providers can help with household tasks, personal care tasks, and so much more. If your elderly family member needs help preparing meals, cleaning her home, or getting dressed, there’s someone who can help her. 

Alarm Systems Do More Than Ever Before  

Whether your senior is interested in a full home alarm system or a personal alarm system that she can wear, these alarms do more for her than ever before. Home alarm systems offer protection against break-ins, but many also include fire detection, carbon monoxide detection, and fall detection services. The beauty of having a full-home alarm system is that these devices are typically maintained by the company. Personal alarm systems offer a way for your elderly family member to get help in an emergency. 

As her caregiver, you might be worried about your senior having too much independence, but it’s all about keeping her as safe as possible while she lives her life the way she wants. 


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