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March 3rd is International Ear Care Day!

senior care in Charleston SC

Senior Care in Charleston SC

senior care in Charleston SC For many seniors, aging can mean many wonderful things such as retirement, more free time to pursue hobbies, and spending time with grandchildren.  Even though many good things come with aging, many seniors may feel worried about several of the “unknowns” that also come with entering into this new phase of life.  One question that may be on your loved one’s mind is, “Will I lose my hearing with age?”  Hearing loss can be a frightening reality for many seniors and elderly adults which is why ear care is so important.  The World Health Organization has designated March 3rd as International Ear Care Day to help people around the world learn more about caring for their ears and preventing hearing loss.  This International Ear Care Day, caregivers are encouraged to take the time to think about their loved one’s hearing and ear health and what they can do do help improve it.  Here are just a few tips for caregivers to help their loved one have the best ear health possible:


  • Does Hearing Loss Run in the Family?

Age-related hearing loss has shown to have a genetic component.  If your loved one has a family history or hearing loss, it is a great idea to check in regularly with your loved one’s doctor and get their hearing checked.  When hearing loss is detected early on, it can be treated so that your loved one can have better quality of life and less frustration that comes with hearing loss.


  • Has Your Loved One Been Exposed to Loud Noises?

In addition to the genetic component, frequent, long-term exposure to very loud noises also contributes to hearing loss.  If your loved one had a profession that exposed them to loud noise on a regular basis such as construction work, working as a musician, or working in an airport, this is a great reason to also get their hearing checked by a doctor on a regular basis.


  • Is There a Blockage?

Sometimes hearing loss can be caused by a blockage or build up of earwax.  Fortunately, this type of hearing loss can be reversed as it is treated when the earwax is removed.  If you suspect that your loved one has a blockage or build up of earwax, it is important to not try and treat it at home.  Inserting swabs into the ear canal can actually cause further damage, so it is important to seek medical attention for this ear health concern.


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