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Pet Food Storage Tips For Seniors

Seniors who have pets often struggle to find pet food storage solutions. Here are four great tips on how to properly store pet food and keep it fresh!
Pet Food Storage: Senior Home Care Assistance Columbia SC
Pet Food Storage: Senior Home Care Assistance Columbia SC

Seniors who have pets often struggle to find the storage solutions for their pet supplies. Especially pet food. Large bags of kibble and heavy cans of pet food must be stored in ways that keep the food fresh but also make the food easily accessible to seniors so they can feed their pets. Seniors with home care assistance can have a home care assistance provider help with pet feeding and with putting away pet foods, but seniors still need to be able to access the food themselves.

Most seniors buy pet food in bulk because it’s cheaper, but then they end up having to find storage for those large amounts of food. Whether your senior loved one’s pet eats dry food, canned food, or both storage and organization will keep their food fresh and out of the way. According to pet experts these tips can help seniors keep their pet’s food accessible but also organized and contained.

Storage Tubs

Storage tubs like Rubbermaid storage bins that are made for clothes are fantastic for storing pet food. The airtight lids keep the food fresh but the containers fit well onto shelves or other storage because they are designed to fit into small spaces. A home care provider can use sticky strips to attach a scoop to the outside of the bin so that seniors will be able to easily feed their pets but the pets will not be able to get into the bin to get the food.

Built In Pet Food Drawers

Seniors may want to have custom drawers or bins added to their existing kitchen or mudroom storage so that they can use those to store pet food. Seniors who already have special shelves and drawers that are made to store things like potatoes or onions can use those drawers instead to store pet food. And long narrow drawers that typically are used to hold silverware are perfect for storing canned pet food. The drawers keep the cans accessible and keep them at a safe level so seniors don’t have to reach up for heavy cans.


Repurposed dressers are fantastic for storing pet supplies of all kind. They are stylish and secure, so once the drawers are closed pets will not be able to get into the drawers and get into their pet food bags. Seniors often have extra dressers or storage unit that aren’t being used. With home care assistance seniors can clean up those dressers, paint or decorate them, and use them for much-needed storage around the house.

Lazy Susans

Seniors who feed their pets canned foods can use lazy susans in cupboards to store the canned foods. The spinning lazy susan will make it easy for seniors to find the flavor of food they want to feed and they won’t have to worry about reaching up or stretching down to find the cans. Cans of food will be at a comfortable waist height and the lazy susan will keep the cans organized without taking up too much space.

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