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6 Kidney Disease Concerns Companion Care at Home Can Help With

Kidney Disease: Companion Care at Home Greenville SC
Kidney Disease: Companion Care at Home Greenville SC
Kidney Disease: Companion Care at Home Greenville SC

One in seven adults have chronic kidney disease and it’s a health issue that requires special care to prevent further damage. March is National Kidney Month which dedicates awareness to kidney disease and how to help prevent it.

Your dad lives alone, but his doctor just diagnosed him with chronic kidney disease. What should your family expect after this diagnosis?

His Diet Needs to Change

When your dad is diagnosed with kidney disease, one of the first steps is to change his diet. Low-sodium meals and snacks are essential. Your dad needs to make sure he’s getting enough fiber and fresh produce. Salty meats like ham and pepperoni are out.

When he’s shopping, he needs to pay close attention to the sodium levels in the things he purchases. Canned soups often contain too much salt. A companion care at home provider can help with making homemade soup for him, using herbs and spices in place of salt.

He Needs to Exercise

If your dad isn’t active, he needs to get started. After lunch, he could take a half-hour walk at as brisk a pace as he’s able. As he gains strength and stamina, he wants to walk faster and go farther. Mix up the exercises he does to ensure all of his muscles get a workout each week.

Weight Loss Is Important

Obesity is one of the risk factors for kidney disease. Your dad should work on getting closer to his target weight. He needs to be realistic, however. It may be tough to get to his target weight, so even a 10% weight loss can help.

Closely Monitor His Blood Pressure

Kidney disease often ties to high blood pressure as the kidneys are responsible for monitoring and adjusting the fluid levels in the body. If he has kidney issues, his fluid levels may increase too much, which increases his blood pressure.

Does He Have Diabetes?

If your dad also has diabetes, it increases his risk for kidney disease. He needs to manage his blood sugar levels. If he’s having a hard time getting them to stabilize, he should ask his doctor for advice. It could be time to work with a specialist to find medications that work better than the ones he’s currently using.

Supporting His Changing Care Needs

Your dad is going to have to do a lot to take care of his kidneys. If he doesn’t, severe kidney failure is possible, and that could lead to the need for dialysis treatments every few days or each week at a clinic. He’ll need someone to drive him to and from these appointments.

Companion care at home is a fantastic partner to balance family care with your dad’s increasing needs. Arrange companion care at home after discussing what other family members plan to help with each week.

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