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Is Your Senior’s Weight a Concern?

Home Care in Simpsonville SC: Is Your Senior’s Weight a Concern?

Weight can be a big issue for your senior, whether she’s carrying a little too much of it or has lost more weight than she should. No matter which situation she’s facing, it’s important that you figure out how to help her to meet that goal in as pain-free a way as possible.

Home Care in Simpsonville SC: Is Your Senior’s Weight a Concern?
Home Care in Simpsonville SC: Is Your Senior’s Weight a Concern?

Excess Weight Can Be Different for Every Aging Adult.

Your elderly family member may only have a couple excess pounds, but those can still be a big issue for her in particular. Issues like arthritis and diabetes can leave your elderly family member extremely vulnerable to the problems that even a small amount of extra weight can bring. Without significant health issues, your elderly family member may be able to tolerate a good bit more extra weight.

Weight Loss Can Be Just as Much of a Concern.

But just as important as weight gain can be the issue of weight loss. People with COPD, for instance, can struggle to keep enough weight on their bodies. Managing weight loss can be tricky in this situation because your senior might find it way too easy to lose even five pounds at once. Even one or two pounds can make a huge difference for her.

Determine Your Senior’s Ideal Weight.

Knowing your elderly family member’s ideal weight gives you a target. Whether she needs to lose or to gain a few pounds, you need to know where you’re aiming. You don’t have to guess, though. Talking to your senior’s doctor can help you to get an accurate ideal weight for your senior based on her height and her existing health issues and needs. Your senior’s doctor can help you to develop a plan for meeting that target weight.

Balance Activity and Food.

A common misconception is that losing or gaining weight is all about moving more. But it’s really about balancing movement with the right nutrition. If your elderly family member isn’t getting the nutrition that she needs, she may not be able to lose or to gain weight the way that she needs to. It’s also more difficult for her to maintain that ideal weight once she gets there.

No matter what challenges your senior is experiencing with her weight, they can be frustrating for you both. Home care providers can help you to find a balance with healthy eating and other weight-management techniques. Your senior’s unique needs might require some individual attention and home care can provide that.

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