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Four Tips for Making Yourself a Priority

Prioritizing your own care can make you a better caregiver.

If you’re not careful, you find yourself consistently at the bottom of your priority list. That’s not sustainable and it can even take you out of caregiving when things get too bad.

Revamp Your Schedule So Time for You Is First

Elder Care Greenville, SC: Making Yourself a Priority

Instead of putting in everyone else’s appointments and tasks first, start putting yours in first. Map out time for you to do all that you need to do for you. If you’re starting to realize that you don’t have time for everything that you need and want to do, even after putting yourself first, that’s your indication that you need extra help. Elder care providers can take care of your senior for you while you focus on taking care of you. As you become more adept at balancing your needs with your senior’s, you might find this easier to do.

Exercise Is Crucial
You may not realize it, but exercise is a vital part of self-care. It’s fantastic for stress relief and it helps you to build your stamina and to be as healthy as you can possibly be. You don’t have to do anything complicated. Walk more than you usually do, stretch when you get up in the morning. Start paying attention to how and when you move and try to increase it. If you use a fitness tracker, gradually start increasing your goal.

You Need Sleep
Sleep is a massive part of keeping you healthy. If you’re not getting the sleep that you need, you’ll start to realize that you’re having trouble thinking, that your emotions are all over the place, and you might even start to get sick more easily. Start making it a priority to go to bed a few minutes earlier than the night before until you’re going to bed at a reasonable time. If you’re having a lot of trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor about possible medical causes.

Make Yourself Eat Healthy Meals
It is so difficult to eat healthy meals when you are running around constantly doing so much for other people. But if that’s been something you’ve been ignoring; you need to make a change. The fuel that you put into your body matters so much. You need to be focusing on fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Make it a point to find easy ways to eat these types of foods and you’ll feel a difference in your energy levels.
It isn’t easy for most caregivers to put themselves higher on the priority list. This is because you see your primary goal as taking care of someone else. But to take care of someone else effectively, you must be able to do so.

Excerpt: Prioritizing your own care can make you a better caregiver.

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