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Keeping the Peace While Getting Extra Help for Your Senior

Not everyone in the family might understand that having some help is vital to getting your senior the care she needs.

Getting extra help in place can be a stressful discussion in many families. Everyone may have different ideas about how to go about setting up care for a senior family member. One thing that everyone does agree on, though, is that keeping your senior safe and happy is vital. Everyone can finally be on the same page when it’s time to decide on the best care for your aging adult.

Everyone Should Be Willing to Listen

Senior Care Anderson, SC: Extra Help for Your Senior

Everyone involved in your senior’s life who has decision-making authority should listen to everyone else. Now is the time to be open and honest about the care approach your senior would prefer to take and, at the same time, give others the opportunity to be open and honest about their preferences, too. Ultimately your senior should have the most to say about her own care, unless she is incapable of understanding the decisions that must be made. Common ground is in there somewhere.

Dealing with Resistance

If some family members are still resistant and insist on having the situation go their way, you might need to consider bringing in a neutral third party, like a counselor. A therapist who is well-versed in senior issues can help to bridge some gaps and to get everyone on the same page. This is about meeting your senior’s wishes as much as possible, and getting past resistance can help you all to do that.

Resistance from Your Senior

Your elderly family member might be another factor in the resistance, though. Some aging adults don’t like the idea of hiring senior care providers, even if they know that you all need more help than you have available. Your senior might insist that she doesn’t need help or that having someone helping her will reduce her independence. This can be a difficult conversation to have, especially if your senior is determined that she doesn’t need help.

Stick to the Facts

This is a situation in which you’re going to need to stick to the facts of the matter. You’re not going to be able to get everyone on the same page in regards to extra help if you’re dealing with “maybes.” If the other people in your senior’s life don’t want to acknowledge that those facts are accurate, that’s one thing, but you’ll know that you brought factual information to the table.

This isn’t about your elderly family member being a burden, either. It’s got way more to do with the fact that you’re only one person and it takes a lot of time and energy to take care of someone else. Having senior care providers available is going to make all of that better for everyone involved.

Excerpt: Not everyone in the family might understand that having some help is vital to getting your senior the care she needs.


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