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How to Make it Through Cancer Treatments as a Senior

Getting a cancer diagnosis is not easy, especially as a senior. You may be thinking, why am I getting treatment? You may be wondering if you need treatment.
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The truth is, the decision is up to you, but many seniors live full lives while aging in place, and you deserve to know what that life will bring. That doesn’t mean the decision to get chemo or go through cancer treatments will come easy to you. Often, it is a hard choice with tons of thought put into it. Once you decide to get treatment, you may want to hire elder care to help you take care of the house when you’re feeling low or even to have elder care help take you to your appointments so you always have a safe ride. When you begin treatments, here are some tips to keep in mind that may help you make it through cancer treatments.

Stay Hydrated

For a senior, staying hydrated can be hard to begin with, but it is important to focus on when undergoing chemotherapy. This is something that elder care can help you focus on. They can ensure water is always by you and even encourage you to take small sips. Elder care can help you focus on hydration after a chemo appointment. Side effects of chemo can cause severe dehydration, so it is something to always be mindful of. Feeling more hydrated can help you make it through a bad day.

Eat When You Can and Make It a Routine

You can very quickly lose your appetite. Whether that is because you are battling nausea or your taste has changed, it will impact your mood to eat. However, if you and elder care can make a routine and try to eat at the same time every day, it can help your body not only get ready for food, it may make you feel hungry. So, even by sitting down at the same time every day to enjoy applesauce or yogurt, you still get nutrients, which will help you feel better in the long run. If you are hungry before and after your scheduled meal, eat when you can!

Find Comfort

Your area should be your own, and you should feel fully comfortable at home but also find things that will bring you comfort during treatment. Maybe it’s your favorite fuzzy slippers, soft blanket, or a kindle. Whatever it is, bring it to your appointment, but also use it while you’re recovering at home. This is one of the best care tips that will help you feel okay, feel secure, and have something that brings you comfort. It’s okay to bring whatever you need to these treatments but also to be surrounded by it at home.

Keep Being Positive

As a senior battling cancer, it can be easy to lean toward a negative outlook. However, that won’t help you get through it, and it can worsen healing. Even when it’s hard, think about the positive things in your life. Maybe you met a new nurse, maybe elder care helped you with something you thought you could never get done. There is always something to be grateful for, and there is always a positive spin to a situation. this thought pattern will help you make it through anything that comes your way.

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