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Making Tough Decisions as Part of Being a Caregiver

Caregiver in Mauldin SC: Making Tough Decisions

You might be pretty surprised to find just how difficult some of the decisions you have to make as a caregiver really are. They can be overwhelming at times, but you still need to figure out which option is the best for your elderly family member. That’s really difficult to do, which is part of […]

How Can You Tell You Need to Take Time Away from Caregiving?

Home Care in Greenville SC: Signs You Need to Take Time Away

It’s not easy to admit that you might be investing too much of your time and energy into caregiving and not enough into yourself. Your body and your brain will give you some hints that you need to be paying more attention to yourself, if you listen to them. You’re Exhausted. Being a caregiver requires […]

Are You at Higher Risk of Facing Severe Caregiver Stress?

Caregiver in Charleston SC: Caregiver Stress

Some caregivers are at a higher risk of developing extreme stress because of their duties as a caregiver. If you’re aware of which risk factors apply to you, you can do something about them. A History of Depression. If you’ve already experienced depression at different points in your life, that can mean you’re more susceptible […]

Looking for Holiday Respite Care?

Caregiver in Seneca SC: Holiday Respite Care

Family caregivers always seem to put their aging loved one’s needs before their own in an amazing act of dedication and service. However, caring for a senior can take an enormous toll on time, energy, physical health, and mental health. Most family caregivers feel this imbalance most acutely during the winter holiday season when there […]

How to Start Taking Breaks Before You Really Need Them

Elder Care in Mauldin SC: Start Taking Breaks Before You Need Them

Part of the human condition involves people pushing themselves until they’re exhausted, especially in situations such as being a family caregiver. What happens is that you need breaks from the very beginning of your caregiving journey. Here’s how to make that happen. Acknowledge that You Are Going to Need This. You might feel at first […]

Five Ways to Get out of Isolation as a Caregiver

Elderly Care in Anderson SC: Breaking Out of Isolation as a Caregiver

When you isolate yourself as a caregiver, you’re restricting the interactions that you have with other situations and other people. This can leave you feeling depressed, especially when you don’t realize what you’re doing. Here are 5 ways to get out of that isolation. Join a Support Group. One of the best ways to break […]

How Can You Manage Your Own Anxiety?

Caregiver in Laurens SC: Managing Anxiety

As a caregiver, anxiety is one of those emotions you might start to experience far more frequently than you ever have before. It helps to get a handle on managing it quickly. Start to Recognize What Anxiety Looks Like for You. Anxiety looks different for every person. The good news is that once you start […]

Why Might You Want to Consider a Caregiver Support Group?

Home Care in Greenville SC: Caregiver Support Groups

Many caregivers are concerned that attending support group meetings is just a waste of time. Often they’ve never been to a meeting themselves or the meeting that they did go to wasn’t a good fit. Whether you’re new or you’ve had an off experience, you might want to reconsider going to a support group meeting […]

Are You Neglecting Relationships?

Caregiver in Simpsonville SC: Neglecting Relationships

When you’re busy running from one task to another as a caregiver, it’s not always easy to spot the hole you’re leaving in your own social life. Friends and family that you might have seen often may only get a quick phone call now and again that slows down even more. Reviving your relationships can […]

Are You Worried Because You’re Uncertain about Your Loved One’s Future?

Caregiver in Simpsonville SC: Worrying About Uncertainty

When you’re the primary family caregiver for your elderly loved one, you’re deeply invested in her health and her future. But when you’re uncertain about that future, you might feel as if you’re in a boat without a rudder. You May Have to Accept Uncertainty. There are a lot of different situations in life in […]

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