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5 Technologies that Help Caregivers

Caregiver in Columbia SC: Technologies That Help Caregivers

Being a caregiver requires a lot of time, organization, and dedication. It’s a hard job. Some caregivers find themselves so stretched for time and energy that they might find themselves wishing for a way to make it all easier. The good news is that you might be carrying the answer right in your pocket because […]

Could Your Aging Parent be Missing These Nutrients?


Caregiver in Columbia SC Eating a healthy diet becomes even more important as we age. Older adults are unable to absorb the amount of nutrients that they could in their younger days. This is why it is even more important that the foods they do eat are packed with vitamins and minerals that their body […]

Using Meal Planning to Help Manage Your Multigenerational Caregiver Schedule


Caregiver in Columbia SC Being a multigenerational caregiver can be hectic. You are not just thinking about the needs of your aging parent, but also of your children, your partner, and yourself as well. This can add up to schedules that feel totally packed and to-do lists that seem like they will never end. Finding […]

Tips to Ease the Difficulties of Caring for a Parent With Dementia

Caregiver in Columbia SC

Caregiver in Columbia SC Dementia is a devastating disorder with no known cure. It affects millions of people each year in the United States and in addition to the horrible toll it takes on those suffering with the disorder, the disease also puts a heavy strain on the caregivers. Since the majority of dementia patients […]

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