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Your Dad Can’t Be Alone All Day. Now What?

After your dad's first fall on his front steps, you started to worry. He's now fallen three times, so it's clear that he cannot be alone when he's going for his daily walk.
Elder Care Greenville, SC: Seniors and Falls

After your dad’s first fall on his front steps, you started to worry. He’s now fallen three times, so it’s clear that he cannot be alone when he’s going for his daily walk. You worry about him being alone all day, every day. What can you do to ensure he’s able to live alone without risking his safety?

The Benefits of Elder Care Services

Elder Care Greenville, SC: Seniors and Falls
Elder Care Greenville, SC: Seniors and Falls

What do you know about elder care? It’s a menu of services designed to help your dad maintain his independence while he ages in place. The services included from an elder care agency include all of these options.

Ambulation – A caregiver is there to help your dad as he moves around his home. His caregiver can help him on the stairs, support him while he stands up or sits down from a chair or toilet, and accompany him on neighborhood walks.

Companionship – Your dad may just want to have someone around for company. Companionship services provide friendship around the home and when out running errands or taking walks.

Housekeeping – Caregivers can clean your dad’s home. That includes sweeping and vacuuming floors, dusting furniture, and tidying up. They can wash dishes, make beds, change the sheets, and do the laundry.

Meals – Your dad’s elder care aide can help him plan a weekly menu and build a shopping list to ensure all of the necessary ingredients are in stock when it’s time to cook the meal. Caregivers can do the shopping or bring your dad shopping.

Medication Reminders – Your dad’s caregiver can tell him when it’s time to take a pill. If he needs to take it with a meal or with water, his caregiver will have the meal or drink ready.

Personal Care – If your dad needs help with hygiene and grooming, his caregiver can help with shaving, showering, trimming nails, and applying skin creams. His caregiver can brush and floss his teeth and help him get dressed.

Toileting – Your dad may need help getting onto or off the toilet. His caregiver can help with that and help him clean up after himself if needed.

Transportation – A caregiver drives your dad around town. He has a ride to his eye, doctor, and dental visits. He has a caregiver available to take him shopping, bring him to community events, or drive him to his friends’ houses for visits.

Involve Your Dad in the Discussions

Before you schedule elder care services. You should ask your dad for input. He may not like that he’s gotten old enough to need help each day, but his health and safety are the priority.

Talk to him about what he does and doesn’t like to do each day. He might not want a caregiver helping him with showers, but he could have a caregiver help support him after he’s wrapped himself in a towel and is about to step out of the tub. Does he like to cook, or would he prefer to have someone to cook meals for him?

Jot down a list of the services that appeal to him. Ask him if he has any questions. You’ll want that for your conversation with a specialist in home care.

How do you get started? Call an elder care agency with your list of questions and get the answers you need to choose the right services for your dad’s needs. A specialist in elder care will go over prices, services, and schedules to help you better understand what will most help your dad.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Elder Care in Greenville, SC, contact Heart of the Carolinas Home Care at 864-991-3116.  Providing Home Care Services in Greenville, Simpsonville, Greer, Anderson, Spartanburg, Mauldin, Seneca, Laurens, Charleston, Columbia and the surrounding areas.

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