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What Can You Do to Help Your Senior When You’re Busy, Too?

It’s not unusual for a family caregiver to feel torn in a variety of directions.

It’s not unusual for a family caregiver to feel torn in a variety of directions. There’s a lot going on in modern life, and when you have multiple obligations you may feel as if you’re not able to be in all of the places at once. Finding solutions that help your senior while they also help you to be a more informed family caregiver is really important. 

Set up a Communication Schedule that Works for You Both

Caregiver Greenville, SC: Help With Your Senior

When you’re already short on time, you have to maximize the time that you do have available. This can also mean ensuring that you and your elderly family member are able to touch bases with each other on a consistent schedule. Find a time, method, and format that works well for both of you.  

Make Visiting Your Senior a Priority 

If distance is a factor, you may not be able to pop in to see your senior any time you have a spare moment. So, it is important that you do prioritize those opportunities that you do have to visit your senior. Spending time with her in person can be a way for you to notice problems when they’re still small enough to manage easily. You may also find that there are other ways that you’re able to help your senior. 

Explore All of the Tools You Can Put to Use 

There are more resources available for family caregivers than seems apparent at first. Your employer, for example, may have some programs that help you and your senior. You may also be able to take time off specifically to help your elderly family member with health issues and with daily care. It’s worth exploring all of those options to see what can help you most. 

Hire a Caregiver to Fill in the Care Blanks 

No matter how hard you try, though, you’re only one person. Your senior may need more care than you can offer on your own. Hiring a caregiver to be there for your senior when you can’t be there can be a crucial step. This also offers your senior companionship and assistance with a variety of different tasks. 

Life doesn’t always make allowances for what’s going on in your life and in your senior’s life. That’s when you have to get creative about solving those situations for your senior and for yourself. Knowing when to find extra help can be the first step. 


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