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The White Lie and Its Potential Impact on Elder Care

Elder Care in Laurens SC

Elder Care in Laurens SC

Most people have told at least a few white lies in their lifetime and while that could very well be an understatement, a white lie by definition is essentially something that is supposed to be harmless, not a big deal, and something that you wouldn’t think twice about. What about a little white lie that is told to Elder Care in Laurens SC somebody who may require some type of elder care?

Would a small white lie be detrimental to them? It all depends on the situation, to be honest. For example, if a person tells an elderly individual that he will be okay, that he will be able to get back to all of the activities he used to enjoy when that is clearly not going to be the case, that might seem to be a viable option in order to avoid depression, withdrawal from various healthcare options, and to provide encouragement for somebody.

The major problem with that is most people know their own bodies and limitations quite well. It would be very easy for people in that situation to recognize the potential problem and know whether or not they will be able to do some of the things they used to enjoy.

When somebody is relying on home care for the elderly, even if it’s just a caregiver for a couple of hours a day once or twice a week, a small, seemingly innocent or innocuous little lie could have significant consequences on the relationship.  That’s because a positive relationship is founded on trust. If there is no trust, it can be difficult for the senior to believe whatever their family or caregiver tells him or her in the future.

April 30th is National Honesty Day and for those who have an elderly individual in their family or a close friend who requires some type of extra care at home, it’s important to be honest at all times.

Yes, there are certain situations where a small white lie could be beneficial, but they are few and far between. For example, a senior who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and wakes up one afternoon from a nap and starts talking about visiting a friend who has been deceased for many years, at that point in time it may be beneficial to simply go along with his misconception of time.

For most of the situations, even the best intended fib could backfire tremendously. So be honest about the various issues, options, or other concerns the senior in your life may have related to his or her health, eldercare, or anything else.

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