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Encouraging Seniors to Embrace Vegetables

Elder Care in Laurens SC

Adding more vegetables to their diet is one of the most powerful ways for seniors to increase their chances of longevity and vitality. Unfortunately, many seniors have gone through life not focusing on vegetables and may not understand the benefits they offer. In addition, some might not know how to cook vegetables or even know […]

Can Elder Care Help Your Parent Pursue Their Weight Goals?

Elder Care in Laurens SC: Elder Care and Weight Goals

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of living a lifestyle that is active, fulfilling, and that protects your senior from a wide variety of health issues and complications. If they are overweight, however, pursuing these weight goals can seem daunting. Fortunately, elder care may be able to help. This care provider can support […]

How to Prevent Heart Disease for Seniors


Elder Care in Laurens SC Heart disease is the main cause of death among both men and women. For those who do have this disease, they can also develop a wide range of complications if they do not properly manage their condition, including stroke and heart attack. While there are some factors that are out […]

The White Lie and Its Potential Impact on Elder Care

Elder Care in Laurens SC

Elder Care in Laurens SC Most people have told at least a few white lies in their lifetime and while that could very well be an understatement, a white lie by definition is essentially something that is supposed to be harmless, not a big deal, and something that you wouldn’t think twice about. What about […]

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