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Are You Neglecting Relationships?

Caregiver in Simpsonville SC: Neglecting Relationships

When you’re busy running from one task to another as a caregiver, it’s not always easy to spot the hole you’re leaving in your own social life. Friends and family that you might have seen often may only get a quick phone call now and again that slows down even more. Reviving your relationships can […]

Are You Worried Because You’re Uncertain about Your Loved One’s Future?

Caregiver in Simpsonville SC: Worrying About Uncertainty

When you’re the primary family caregiver for your elderly loved one, you’re deeply invested in her health and her future. But when you’re uncertain about that future, you might feel as if you’re in a boat without a rudder. You May Have to Accept Uncertainty. There are a lot of different situations in life in […]

Tips for Caregivers – Keeping Your Energy Level Up


Caregiver in Simpsonville SC During the dark, cold days of winter, it is easy for family caregivers to find themselves dragging throughout the day and just wanting to crawl back into bed.  Since caregiving is a 24 hour job, many caregivers also fight sleep deprivation on a regular basis, making long days even tougher to […]

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