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Six Tips for Handling an Emergency With Your Dad

At some point, every family gets the call that there is an emergency. It could be a fall leading to a broken bone, a stroke, or a severe illness like pneumonia.
Senior Care Spartanburg, SC: Handling an Emergency

At some point, every family gets the call that there is an emergency. It could be a fall leading to a broken bone, a stroke, or a severe illness like pneumonia. When you get that call, make sure you handle the emergency in a way that won’t trigger your dad’s anxiety or your own.


Stay Calm

Senior Care Spartanburg, SC: Handling an Emergency
Senior Care Spartanburg, SC: Handling an Emergency


Most importantly, stay calm. There’s no sense in panicking when your dad needs you. If you have to stop and take a few breaths, do so before you take the next steps and talk to his doctors.


Know His Wishes


Does your dad have advance directives or a living will? Has he named an agent if he can’t make medical decisions on his own? Get this paperwork from his home and have it ready to show hospital administrators and doctors. You may need to start making decisions for him, and you want to make sure you follow his wishes.


Talk to His Doctors


Ask your dad’s doctor what his recovery looks like. Does he need someone around 24/7 or are daily visits enough? Is he going to need long-term or short-term care services? How much time can you devote to his care?


Find out how often he needs to go for follow-up care or therapeutic services. If he’s going to have appointments twice a week for the next few months, you may have a hard time getting him to the medical offices while also working full-time. Alternative arrangements are essential.


Do Your Research


Why is your dad in the hospital? What led to the emergency? Research as much as you can about his care needs when he returns home and what other families struggled with. Online support groups on sites like Reddit or Facebook can be tremendously helpful in finding others to ask for guidance. 


Walk Through His Home


While your dad is still at the hospital, go to his home and do a walkthrough. Think about the things the doctors said he’ll need. If he needs grab bars installed in the bathroom to prevent another fall, find someone who can install them or install them yourself.


If he had a stroke or bad fall that led to a hip replacement surgery, he may need a walker or wheelchair. Go through his main living areas to make sure furniture placement will not cause problems with his movements. 


Wheelchair usage may make it hard for him to return home. He’ll need his main living area to be the level of the home he enters. Will that work for him? If his bedroom is upstairs, but his kitchen and bathroom are on the main floor, you need to figure out how to move his bedroom to the main floor.


Take a Closer Look at Home Care Services


It’s time to be honest with yourself. Should your dad be alone all week? Is it time to arrange senior home care services to ensure someone stops by each day to see how he’s doing?


Schedule senior home care services after talking to an expert in home care. Go over the services that would most benefit your dad and find out the prices and best frequency for the tasks on his list.

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