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Should You Help Your Parent Get a Cat?

If your parent lives alone, one way you can add some companionship and unconditional love to their life is by helping them to adopt a pet.

If your parent lives alone, one way you can add some companionship and unconditional love to their life is by helping them to adopt a pet. Perhaps a dog is out of the question because they require too much care, or the older adult is allergic. But, have you considered whether a cat might be the right pet for your elderly parent. There are many reasons a cat can make the perfect pet for an older adult, such as the reasons listed below. 


Cats are Easy to Take Care Of

Caregiver Seneca, SC: Seniors and Cats

Cats typically require less care than dogs do, making them easier for seniors to own. Though cats need exercise, they don’t need to be taken on walks, which may be difficult for an older adult and create more work for caregivers. Your aging parent can provide all the exercise a cat needs simply by dangling a fishing pole type toy for them to play with or tossing a cat toy across the floor for them to chase. Most of the time, though, cats are happy to simply spend the day curled up near (or on!) their favorite person.  


A Cat Can Help Your Parent Make Friends 

Pet lovers often bond over conversations about their beloved pets. This could help your parent to make friends more easily. The cat gives them an easy topic of conversation. When older adults have ways to make friends, it can ease the minds of caregivers who worry about them being lonely. 


Cats Can Improve Health 

As a caregiver, one of your biggest concerns is the health of your aging parent. Numerous studies have linked pet ownership to better health. The heart health of people with pets tends to be better as does their emotional health. Pets tend to reduce stress, too. 


Cats Cost Less Than Dogs 

Many caregivers help their older family members with their finances, helping them to stretch their money over all their expenses. Because of that, some caregivers may be concerned that having a pet will just be more money spent. While it’s true that owning a cat will cost some money, the costs are much lower than those associated with owning a dog. Cats usually have lower adoption fees than dogs. And, their care is usually between $300 and $800 less per year than dogs. 


Cats Provide Joy 

Cats are a lot of fun to watch. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t be hundreds of thousands of cat videos on the Internet, right? Watching the antics of a cat can prevent boredom in your parent and make them happy.  


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