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Having a pet to care for can be beneficial to almost anyone, but often seniors share an especially close bond with their pets. As people get older, many of the other people they have known for years Senior-Care-Charleston-SC start to treat them a little differently than they did before. The change may be gradual, and unintentional, but it is there just the same. Pets are immune to this. They seem to have an innate understanding that they are their owner’s partner.  They both know and expect that they will do whatever they can for each other.

A Few Benefits of Pets for Seniors

In addition to providing companionship to seniors, having pets also helps seniors continue with a routine, be more sociable, and feel useful and important as they contribute to the care of another living thing. This can be an especially healing experience for people who once played a strong role in the care of their own children or grandchildren who do not need them in the same way.

Tending to a pet’s various needs, such as being taken outside, going for walks, seeing the vet, and visiting the groomers, makes it necessary for seniors to regularly interact with others around the community. Pets have such a significant healing potential that hospitals often solicit their services to help patients, although they aren’t allowed to stay permanently in most cases.

In-Home Care Helps Seniors Feel More Independent

As it becomes apparent that a certain level of elder care is necessary for a person’s parent, grandparent, or other older relative many are faced with a choice between in home senior care, or moving their relative out of their home to an assisted living facility or nursing home.

It is important for every family to take a serious look at their options and make a decision that works the best for their situation. Some seniors have a strong and independent mind that would make the transition to an outside facility very difficult. In many cases, seniors would not be able to bring their pet with them on a move, and even if they can the transition is hard for a pet as well.

Just the Care They Need

Although some seniors have 24/7 nurses living with them in their homes, most don’t need someone providing in home care around the clock. Some will have a elder care provider come by in the morning to help them prepare for the day and possibly run a few errands. They might return in the evening to get them settled for the night. Some need help cleaning or preparing meals. Some home care providers will batch cook meals and freeze them so it is easier for seniors to prepare them themselves.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring senior care services near Charleston, SC, contact Heart of the Carolinas Home Care at 864-991-3116.

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