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Senior Care Questions to Consider When Planning on Moving Your Senior into Your Home

Senior Care in Spartanburg SC

Senior Care in Spartanburg SC

The decision to become a caregiver for your aging parents is often difficult, but it is not the last one you will make in Senior Care in Spartanburg SC your journey. Taking on new challenges and making the decisions that are right for those challenges is how you ensure your parents always receive the level of care they need and deserve. This may mean coming to the realization that your parents are no longer able to take care of themselves safely in their own home and that it may be time for them to come live with you.

If transitioning your parents into your home is part of your future senior care plan, it is important to determine how ready all of you are for this change and if it is really right for your family and your parents’ needs. Taking the time to truly explore this option along with other senior care options lets you make confident decisions about how to move forward so all of you can have peace of mind about giving your elderly parents the highest quality of life possible.

As you plan the transition from giving your parents care in their own home environment to them living with you, ask yourself these questions so you can be honest with yourself and with then about how this new arrangement will work for everyone involved:

• What will happen to your parents’ belongings? Will some of their furnishings and decorative items come into your home? Will the rest be put into storage, donated, or sold?

• Where will your parents sleep? Will they have to share a room with a child or will they have a private room? Are the resources available to put a small addition on your home so that they can have their own space, including a bathroom?

• Do your parents have any form of income? Will they be responsible for any of the expenses of the home, including groceries, bills, the mortgage, or even care providers? How will you decide what portion of the household expenses they will handle?

• Is your home equipped to handle the mobility, safety, and physical needs of both of your elderly parents? Are you prepared to make the necessary changes by installing ramps, grab bars, walk-in showers, or other features?

• Are your children mentally prepared to have their grandparents in the home with them at all times? Do they understand the challenges your parents face? Are they capable of interacting with them properly?

• If your parents are physically and mentally capable of helping care for your children, do you expect them to? Do they agree to providing some of this care for them? If they are not providing care, do they understand you boundaries in relation to disciplining your children?

• Do you have the time to provide the full amount of care your elderly parents need? Are you willing to leave your career or cut down on your hours in order to provide the full amount of care necessary?

• Will you hire a senior health care services provider to help fill in the gaps between the care you are capable of providing and the care you know your parents need?

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