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5 Ways to Celebrate National Family Meals Month with Your Family


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September is National Family Meals Month. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to spend extra quality time with your elderly loved one as well as your children and your partner, enabling all of Senior-Care-in-Charleston-SC the generations to benefit from one another and from the activities that you can enjoy together. Preparing and eating meals together is a wonderful way to stimulate your parent’s mind, keep them active and engaged, and helping to support cognition and memory. It also supports mental and emotional health, enabling your loved one to live a higher quality of life as they age in place.


Let these ideas inspire you for ways that you can celebrate National Family Meals Month with your family:

  • Research new recipes. Get together with your family and talk about new kinds of food that you might like to try. Research recipes for these dishes so that you can experiment with new flavors and ingredients, or try your hand at take-out favorites. This is a great way to integrate your parent’s dietary guidelines into the routine.
  • Bring out family recipes. Introduce your children to some of the recipes that you enjoyed when you were younger. Have your parent talk to the about the meals that they used to prepare for you, and that their parents used to prepare. This is a great way for them to connect with their culture and history, and for your parent to feel more relevant.
  • Experiment with new ingredients. Has your family ever walked through the produce section of the grocery store and seen items that you are not familiar with? Have you gone to an ethnic market and seen spices that you do not know what they taste like? Stop wondering and start experimenting with these new finds. This is a great way to bond and make treasured memories.
  • Prepare meals together. Family meals are not just about eating them together. Getting into the kitchen and preparing meals together helps to stimulate your parent’s mind, create powerful memories with you and your children, and strengthen your relationship.
  • Get creative. Who says that eating a family meal has to mean sitting down at the table for dinner? Find creative ways to enjoy more meals together as a family. Sit down for breakfast before your children go to school. Surprise them with a special lunch out. Pack a picnic and have it for dinner sitting on a blanket in the living room floor. These creative activities make memories and encourage conversation, sharing, and bonding.


If you have been looking for ways to encourage your elderly loved one to get better nutrition and gain more benefits from their meals, starting senior care for them may be the idea solution. A senior home care services provider can be in the home with your elderly parent on the schedule that is appropriate for your aging loved one and for you so that they can give your parent a personalized set of services designed to address their individual needs and challenges in a way that still supports engagement, activity, and as much independence as possible. When it comes to helping your loved one to eat well and gain the most benefit from their nutritional approach this can include the care provider bringing your parent to the grocery store, helping them to select the foods that are right for them, and then even assisting them with meal and snack preparation to keep them focused on a healthy diet as well as the mental, emotional, and cognitive benefits of cooking and eating together.


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