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Is it Difficult for You to Accept Help When You Need It?

Accepting help isn’t always easy for your senior and it may not be easy for you, either.
Home Care Spartanburg, SC: Accepting Help and Seniors

Sometimes caregivers are overwhelmed and overworked because they have a difficult time saying yes to offers of help. If that description fits you, you might be glad to know that you can turn that around with a little time and effort.

Examine How You Feel When Someone Offers Help

Home Care Spartanburg, SC: Accepting Help and Seniors
Home Care Spartanburg, SC: Accepting Help and Seniors

When someone offers help, how do you feel? Are you embarrassed? Or do you feel uncomfortable in other ways? Understanding what you’re feeling can help you to understand why accepting help is so difficult for you. This can help you to start to change the habits you’ve developed around offers of help. When you know why you’re turning down help, even when you need it, you’re going to be better able to understand what you can do instead.

Get a List of Tasks Together

Start making some lists of what you do and what you’re finding difficult to do on your own. These lists might feel random and odd at first, especially since you’re still convinced that you have to do all of these things on your own. But write it all down anyway. It may take you a while to write all of these tasks down because you may not even realize all that you do. Writing everything out is going to help you to see why you feel overwhelmed and why you need help.

Start Matching Tasks and People

The next step is to look at the people in your life that might be able to help you. Perhaps they’ve offered help in the past or they’re family members. Are there tasks on your task list that are absolutely perfect for some of those people? Odds are pretty good that there are some that qualify. Start asking folks to take over some small tasks on your list. If they say no, that’s okay, too. Compare what’s left on your list to what you can actually do on your own. Now it’s time to consider hiring home care providers to help you to fill in those gaps.

Be Mindful about How You Feel as You Start Delegating More

Over time, you’re going to feel less uncomfortable as you delegate more tasks. Start to pay attention to how you feel as that discomfort fades. New feelings are going to replace the uncomfortable feelings. You’re going to start noticing that you have more room for yourself and for peace and rest. Enjoy those discoveries.

Getting better at accepting help means doing so more often. Look for opportunities to accept help when it’s offered to you.


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