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How In-Home Care Helps Seniors With Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association a staggering 29% of seniors, which is more than 15 million people, are living with diabetes.
In-Home Care Columbia, SC: Seniors and Diabetes

There are millions of seniors that are living with diabetes, and thousands more are pre-diabetic. According to the American Diabetes Association a staggering 29% of seniors, which is more than 15 million people, are living with diabetes. Managing diabetes can be tough for a senior who is living alone. But making good lifestyle choices and taking steps to manage diabetes is very important for any seniors who have diabetes. If they don’t take actions to manage their diabetes it could cause even bigger health problems. In-home care can provide the extra support and help that seniors who have diabetes need. In-home care for seniors with diabetes helps seniors by:

Focusing On Good Nutrition

In-Home Care Columbia, SC: Seniors and Diabetes
In-Home Care Columbia, SC: Seniors and Diabetes

Eating a healthy balanced diet and having portion control is very important for managing diabetes but it’s something that a lot of seniors struggle with. Very often seniors don’t cook healthy meals for themselves because they don’t want to cook for one, or they have physical trouble lifting pots and pans. They may also have trouble shopping for healthy food because they have mobility challenges or get confused easily. In-home care can help seniors with diabetes eat the way they should. A care provider can help your senior parent shop for healthy fruits and vegetables and can also help prepare the meals. 

Providing Support For Blood Sugar Checks and Injections

Seniors who have diabetes may be scared or anxious about performing blood sugar checks and injecting insulin. A qualified care provider can teach your senior loved one how to check their blood sugar and help them practice giving injections so that they will feel more comfortable with it. If your senior loved one has an insulin pump they can also help your senior loved one feel comfortable setting up the pump or reading the results of the blood glucose monitor on a smart phone if they use a digital blood sugar monitor. 

Motivation To Get Active And Lose Weight

Being active is probably the second most important part of managing diabetes after checking blood sugar regularly. Seniors who have diabetes need to have a regular exercise routine and spend at least 30 minutes a day being active. A care provider is the perfect companion for a senior who needs to exercise more because they can help make exercise fun. Going for walks, turning on music and dancing, trying an in-home fitness class, and other activities are all more fun done with a companion. 

Medication Management

Managing diabetes when your senior loved one also has other health challenges that require medication can be tricky. A trained care provider can manage your senior parent’s medications to make sure that all the medications are being taken properly and that there won’t be an interaction between them. If you have any questions about the medications that your senior loved one takes make sure that you talk to their doctor. Care providers can also get prescriptions refilled for your senior loved one and make sure that they are never out of their medication. 

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