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How Are You Talking Yourself out of Breaks?

Sometimes caregivers are their own worst enemies when it comes to taking time away.

When did you last take a break from your duties as a caregiver? If you’re still trying to answer that question, you might be spending more time than you realize talking yourself out of taking those breaks. You need to undo that habit.

Believing it’s Too Much Effort to Leave for a Little While

Caregiver Seneca, SC: How Are You Talking Yourself out of Breaks?

It can be a little bit of effort for you to take time away from caregiving, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. You do need to have some information ready for whoever is going to be caring for your senior while you’re gone, but you can collect that over time. Getting a little more organized for someone to be a relief caregiver might benefit you as well.

Believing No One Else Can Take Over
You might also get trapped in a thought process where you believe that you’re the only one who can really care for your aging family member. As fabulous as you are at being her caregiver, you’re not really the only one who can help her. What has happened is that you’re the only one who has been there doing the work, so it feels as if you’re the only one who can do it. Taking a break helps you to break this thought pattern.

Listening When Your Senior Tells You She Hates When You Leave
Your senior might have a lot of different worries or fears when you leave. Some of those might be valid, but others are rooted in control or in frustration over what she’s not able to do herself. This can veer quickly into manipulation if you allow it to, as well. Make sure that your elderly family member is in good hands and that she’s got the best care possible but do leave for a little while.

Thinking that You’re Fine with No Breaks
Some caregivers think that they’re the only caregiver on the planet who can keep going every day, all day, with no breaks. They’re wrong, but that’s still a common belief. When you stop and think about it, taking a break is a normal and healthy response. It’s time for you to allow yourself to have what you need and that means starting with some time away from caregiving.

These beliefs can feel very solid when they pop into your head. You might even use a combination of them to justify your decision to not take respite time. But you’re really only harming yourself when you do that.

Excerpt: Sometimes caregivers are their own worst enemies when it comes to taking time away.

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