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Hire Senior Home Care Aides Before Your Dad’s Health Worsens

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Senior Home Care At his last check-up, your dad talked to his doctor about the hand tremors he’s having that are worsening. He’s also been struggling with balance lately. After running tests and looking at all of the different symptoms, your dad learns he has Parkinson’s disease.

The average age of onset is 60 and close to one million Americans have it, but it’s still alarming when it happens to you. You should talk to your dad about the importance of home care services now so that the services are established as his needs change.

Help With Mobility

As Parkinson’s worsens, your dad is going to need help with ambulation. He will struggle to get in and out of a shower. Having a walk-in shower is ideal, but it may not be possible in your home. Instead, look into a sliding shower chair that he can sit on as his caregiver slides him from the section outside of the tub to the inside for his shower.

He’s also going to need help walking up and down any stairs in the home. If possible, move his bedroom to the main level so that he can avoid the stairs. It’s also very helpful to have someone to assist him as he gets in and out of bed and goes to the toilet.

Once he’s showered, he needs help getting dressed. His balance and fine motor skills are impacted, so he’ll need help dressing from a seated position as much as possible. When it’s time to stand and pull on his pants, he needs someone’s support.

Meal Preparation

The loss of balance, hand tremors, and vision changes make it hard to cook a meal. Instead of having to rely on microwaveable dinners, your dad can have a caregiver with him to cook meals. He may find his sense of smell diminishes, so a caregiver will work with him to determine what he does and doesn’t enjoy now.

Your dad’s caregiver will also want to help him with meals that ease the side effects of his Parkinson’s medications. As nausea can be a side effect, a protein-rich meal while he takes them is important. He could have a smoothie with chocolate protein powder, cauliflower, flax seed milk, bananas, and berries to boost his protein and ease the symptoms he experiences.


Your dad shouldn’t drive, but that doesn’t mean he can’t go out. He needs someone who can drive him to stores, medical offices, physical and occupational therapy sessions, and pharmacies. If he wants to attend a support group for people with Parkinson’s, his caregiver is there to ensure he has a ride.
Senior home care helps your dad with daily routines that are becoming difficult. Talk to a senior home care specialist about the services and schedules that benefit your dad as his mobility and fine motor skills diminish.

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